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Somethings happening!

I had a reply to my support ticket and they say they now know what the problem is but it may take them a while to sort it out!

Well at least I heard back from someone. There are still loads of people with support tickets submitted with the same problem so it's been quite a big issue!

Lets hope they sort it out quickly and I can use my journal again properly very soon!!
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'Just for fun' Poll - M

Poll #2061733 'Just For Fun' Poll - M

'M' (tick as many boxes as apply)

Have ever eaten Marmalade.
Have ever been to Manchester.
Would love to be a Mermaid.
Know who Miriam Margoyles is.
Have ever played Minecraft.
Have an 'M' in your full name.
Have read 'The Midwich Cuckoo' by John Wyndham.
Know in which TV show Adam Monroe is a character.
Own a song by Madonna.
Love Monty Python.
Ever played with Mud as a child.
Know someone called Michael.
Have ever been to Mexico.
Can do a Magic trick.
Often Marvel at nature.
Heart snow

Old Photos

These photos showed up on my Facebook timeline this morning as being posted four years ago. It's quite sunny today, although it is cold, but what a difference!!

The view from my doorstep -

Just at the end of my road looking towards the valley -

The 'Pushmi-Pullyu' Horse in the field -


Yesterday I had a really beautiful card with a lovely encouraging message from

And also I think there are a couple of people I haven't thanked yet,
moredetails - for your lovely address labels
& kehlen_crow for your lovely Christmas card

both of them arrived at the beginning of January.

Thank you all so much for sending them to me. I am very lucky to receive cards and gifts from all over the world x
Toilet roll Grated Bum


I do apologise if I miss replying to any of your comments, especially if you replied a few days after the day I posted. I still haven't got my LJ problem sorted and I still can't validate my account. I'm not getting any notifications in my message inbox about comment posts so I'm having to go checking back every day.

So... one of the things I cant do is send PMs. I don't know if I can receive them as I don't know if anyone has tried to send me one, but I haven't had any since Christmas Eve so I'm guessing not - if someone would like to try to send me one and let me know what happens that would be good thanks!
This is going to give me problems for the Balderdash game as part of the game is everyone sending me their definitions by PM.

Another thing I can't do is schedule posts. Well I can schedule them but then when they should have posted just say 'error' at the bottom of the page.

aimingtobefit kindly paid for my years paid journal, this time, as I didn't have any money before Christmas. I'm quite cross that I'm only just paying her back now and I'm already paying for something that hasn't worked now for between 10 and 13 days!

Does anyone have any suggestions about who else apart from support (which I seem to remember is just other LJ people) I can contact to try and get my problem sorted out?
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'Just for fun' Poll - L

Poll #2060738 'Just For Fun' Poll - L

'L' (tick as many boxes as apply)

Have an L in your full name.
Have ever been to Luxembourg.
Have ever seen an Andrew Lloyd Webber play.
Have ever owned a Lipstick.
Have ever drunk Lemonade.
Own a song by Lady Gaga.
Have ever read 'Lorna Doone' by R. D. Blackmore.
Knows what 'Largo' means when written on a musical score.
Still write hand written letters to people.
Can speak more than two Languages.
Have ever been to London.
Are always Late.
Have ever seen a Llama.
Have ever bought a Lottery ticket.
Have ever received a Love Letter.
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A song I like to clean the house to

Recently, I've been listening to a lot of Eurovision radio podcasts while I've been cleaning my flat rather than my own music, but I do have a flat cleaning playlist on my mp3 player and this is one of the songs on the playlist.

Show Me Your Love sung by Tina Karol was the Ukrainian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006. The song was composed by Mikhail Nekrasov and Karol herself, with lyrics by 2005 host Pavlo Shyklo (aka DJ Pasha).

In the final, the song received 145 points, placing it 7th in a field of 24.

Show Me Your Love by Tina Karol

Music heart

Post a song that describes whatever emotion you are feeling at this moment -

"Happy" is a song written, produced, and performed by American singer and record producer Pharrell Williams, from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack album. It was first released on November 21, 2013. It also appears on Williams' second studio album, 'Girl' which was released in 2014.

"Happy" was the most successful song of 2014, with 13.9 million units (sales plus equivalent streams) worldwide. It peaked at No. 1 in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and 19 other countries. It was the best-selling song of 2014 in the United States with 6.45 million copies sold for the year, as well as in the United Kingdom with 1.5 million copies sold for the year. It reached No. 1 in the UK on a record-setting three separate occasions and became the most downloaded song of all time in the UK in September 2014.

Happy by Pharrell Williams.

Which song describes whatever emotion you are feeling at this moment?


New Years Eve

On New Years Eve, Steve and I did our 'Christmas holiday drive out' to Castleton to see the Christmas lights. The people who live there decorate their whole village with coloured lights and Christmas trees and it is a lovely place to visit.

My pictures really don't do the place justice! -










Here's are a couple of nice piccie I found on the internet of the village with the lights and snow -

Castleton 1

Castleton 2