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C's Journal

A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows

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28 July


I'm a unique, arty, fifty one year old individual girl who lives in jeans and loves anything Red or Turquoise.
I'm small and don't look my age so I rarely act it and believe in behaving as young as you feel.

I'm very VERY outgoing and confident - my friends would say I'm quietly confident, which I like the thought of more than being considered a loud person.

I'm always open to new ideas, new friends and new experiences. I enjoy diversity, so you don't have to think exactly like I do to be my friend. In fact I would feel less of an individual if you did. I think that respect of others of differing ideas, lifestyles, ages, etc is very important.

My own life is a strange mixture of very modern thinking while still holding on to a few old fashioned morals.

I'm very involved within the community and am a member of my Tenants Association Committee. I believe in fighting against injustice and during my lifetime I've helped get a couple of national laws changed.

I've been seeing Steve for 19 years now but we don't live together. I love the fact that I have never been married and from as young as I can remember I have known that I have never wanted children - I consider myself 'child free' not 'child repulsed'. I am Godmother to three - Jessica 24, Josephine 22, and Michael 18, and as a Christian I take my Godmothering duties seriously.

I used to work as a photographer and graphic artist until I developed Ulcerative Colitis. I had UC for 14 years until 1998, when I became one of the first people in the UK to have an ileo-anal pouch operation.

I have been studying British Sign Language at college one day a week for 8 years and am now taking a short break before continuing.

Nature, the countryside, the mountains, the coast, birds, flowers and walking. I like to watch various TV programmes and DVD's but I'm quite selective about what I watch. If there is nothing on then I turn the TV off and do something else.

I'm music obsessed and love just about any kind of music the world and history has to offer me. I love going to see bands and musicians play live and I enjoy singing.


The Tribe - (NZ teen post-apocalyptic show) Oh yeah, I'm Tribe Obsessed!

Eurovision Song Contest, BBC Sherlock, Person Of Interest, Under The Dome,
Prisoner Cell Block H, Mad Dogs, Me And Mrs Jones, Survivors (BBC 2009 version),
4400, Heroes, LOST, Flashforward, The Event, Life On Mars, Ashes To Ashes,
Torchwood, Lip Service, Strange Luck, Misfits, Wentworth, Friday Night Dinner,
The IT Crowd, 2000 Acres Of Skye, Dr Who.

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