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LJ Idol

As hugely tempted as I am to join in with therealljidol this season, I think, regrettably, I'm not going to be able to.

For the last five Decembers, I have had to spend all month filling in massively long official forms that have taken up the whole of the month and have forced me to turn down Christmas get-togethers with my friends, be late sending Christmas cards and presents, not put up my Christmas tree or decorations, or simply just relax and watch some bad Christmas tv!!! As last years form was hopefully the last until at least Dec 2020, I made a new years resolution to treat myself, enjoy, and relax this December/Christmas without rushing or stressing. All year I've been turning down anything that is going to take up time in December as I'm determined to party/relax/do whatever I fancy doing, - I think I have forgotten what a non-rushed, non-stressful Christmas/December feels like!

Having said all that, I do still plan to be as involved as possible, reading, voting, commenting and recommending peoples writing - as I have really made a lot of friends in this groups and I look forward to chatting with everyone again.

So... I wish everyone competing in this season of LJ idol - all the best and good luck xxx
Toilet roll Grated Bum

The meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

When I started in the second chance contest at the beginning of January, I honestly never expected to last more than a week, let alone end up going through to the main contest. Then, I never expected to last more than a week in the main contest. The next steps of reaching top 20, possibly the only non US person in the top 18, top 10 and finally, top 8, were all amazing.

I have really enjoyed my time as a contestant in this season of therealljidol. I have met some lovely, encouraging people and think it is wonderful and am thankful that everyone’s voting support for my writing has grown tremendously, from my first entry in the second chance contest, as an unknown, to this week, when I think I have gained my most points and highest position.

I have managed to keep every ‘sudden death write off’ day clear, since January 1st - ‘Just in case’ - but I knew last week when the closing date was announced, that ending up in the write off this week would be a problem, as a relative would be staying with me for a couple of days.

However, today’s arrangements with my relative ended up being cancelled. At 3am, as I woke up from an hour of sleep last night, I started being sick and I developed a very unpleasant stomach upset. As I have an ileo-anal pouch and no bowel at all, what would for others be a twenty-four hour bug, usually makes me really ill for five to ten days and I’m already fed up of travelling between the bathroom and the bedroom!

I am due to go away in sixteen days time, and feel it’s now quite important for me to work on getting some rest, getting better from this stomach bug, and being well enough to travel.

This will be the first holiday I’ve had in a couple of years, and it was booked in November. I’m heading to the Isle of Iona, on the Scottish Hebrides for Easter week (19th-27th April). It’s the place I wrote about in my ‘Happy Place’ entry. Again, I never expected to be still in the contest sixteen days before my holiday and now realise that if I by some miracle I had been lucky enough to still be in the contest in a couple of weeks time, I would have had to sacrifice before I set off, as the island is one of the last places on earth to not have any mobile signal or internet connection – which is also one of the reasons I go; to get away from technology for a week.

So… I have unfortunately had to make the very hard decision to sacrifice my place in the sudden death write off and let Sonreir go through to the next round. By sacrificing, I can get the rest I need, and Sonreir will be able to avoid going through the process of voting day, plus I think I also get to have the last position on the jury!

There is still a little voice in my head, that keeps telling me I was brought up not to quit, but when I add up the number of times I’ve quit something in my life, I can still count them on one hand! I know that I will probably have a ‘What if?’ moment in a few days time, but right now the thought of resting and getting better, gives me more brain relief than carrying on does.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the previous contestants and my LJ friends for all your comments and votes - I’ve really appreciated them.

And lastly, I wish the final six contestants all the best of luck. I’ll be happy with whoever wins. You are all fantastic writers, and I’m really pleased to have got to know you and to have played along with you this season.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Carol xx
Blue Red


Well... there is two and a half hours of voting time left for this weeks therealljidol! The contest is now down to the Top 8, and all the votes are really close. 

My entry is here if you care to vote for it, and the link to the voting poll and all other stories is both here and at the bottom of my entry page.

Thank you xx

“Must Try Harder!”


I was born at the latter end of the baby boom in 1964.

By the time I started at Infant and Junior school, the tiny, stone-built, Victorian village school, originally built to hold two hundred and forty pupils in two classes of fifteen pupils per year, had exploded to an exceedingly cramped six hundred pupils with three classes of forty pupils per year.

The school’s solution was to install multiple temporary outdoor Portable-style classrooms which had to be placed in the only available space, the playground.

By comparison, the extremely large comprehensive school I attended, was purposely built in 1963 to accommodate the demands of the baby boom. It provided education to over two thousand five hundred pupils in fifteen classes of forty three pupils per year.

I was always in the highest of the fifteen classes. I was good at maths and science and, at a time when it was still compulsory for girls to be taught Baby care, Housewifery skills, typing, and needlework, I was the first girl ever to be allowed to study Chemistry, Biology, and Physics as optional subjects.

But English was by far my worse subject. I just didn’t understand it! I felt as if somewhere in my early days of infant school I had missed out on the early building blocks of how English grammar and punctuation worked!

Whenever it came to end of term reports, I would get A’s in Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics and ‘E’ in English, along with the all too common phrase, ‘Must try harder’. But, as I didn’t actually understand what I was supposed to be doing, and nobody told me what I was doing wrong or how to correct my mistakes, how could I possibly know what to do, to try harder?

The day I discovered, aged thirty-three years old, that I, and thousands of other people born in 1964, had been part of a national experiment, I was angry, but not totally surprised.

It was actually my best friend who found out. He decided to return to education as a mature student with the intention of qualifying to teach English in secondary schools. His university interviewers asked him his birth year and looked at each other knowingly when he told them 1964. They informed him about an experiment the Department of Education had decided to run on all pupils born in that year. They wanted to know what the future would hold, for the children as adults, if they were not taught any English grammar and punctuation at all!

Now I understood why I had always had problems with my English!

With this knowledge, I decided to retake my exit level English exam at night school. I proudly left my first lesson knowing all about nouns, proper nouns, adjectives, adverbs and much more. The second lesson introduced me to punctuation, including commas, periods, and quotation marks and after the third lesson, I had a list of notes with definitions to words like: onomatopoeia, simile, homophone and first person.

My night school course was a revelation and I learned more English structure in those first three lessons than I had ever learned in the whole of my school life!

After being directed to a livejournal fan fiction group in 2007, I quietly read and commented on other people’s stories and, after five years, I finally wrote a fan fiction story.

A livejournal friend suggested I enter LJ idol in 2014 and, for eight weeks, I wrote factual essays and humorous traveller’s tales. Then my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I felt I needed to leave the contest to spend as much time with her as possible. I will always remember the kindness, friendship, love and support I received from members of the group at that time.

Still having only written six short fictional stories since leaving school in 1980, for some bizarre reason, in late 2015, I got really excited when I saw a poster pinned on the local noticeboard about a new monthly writer’s group at the village library.

I was nervous at the first meeting, believing they were all going to be brilliant writers who would look down their noses at me for not knowing punctuation. Of the six people at that first meeting, two were indeed scary intellectuals, three seemed quite normal and one gentleman, claimed he was only there to support his wife and put the kettle on.

Attending the writing group is the best thing I have done in years. The seven of us who were at that first meeting are all now firm friends. The intellectuals are no longer scary, none of us are ‘normal’ and the gentleman now writes, too. They have been encouraging and honest about my work, which I appreciate especially when it comes to grammar and punctuation, as I still believe that most people in the world know far more than I ever will!

This Christmas, kehlen, whose writing I greatly admired when I was in Ljidol in 2014, sent me an invitation to therealljidol second chance. Having decided to enter, I set myself the challenge of writing a short fictional story for each round rather than writing about myself.

Having been set the challenge of creating five pieces for week 17, I decided to have an attempt at different styles and themes for each one of them. Therefore, it seemed right for this prompt to be a factual piece of writing.

As a procrastinator, sitting down to write is not something that comes naturally to me, but in these last few months, I have found that setting time aside each day to write is really pleasurable and I am enjoying the results of my productivity.

I continue to have many insecurities about my writing. I still see myself as a relatively new writer. I find it hard to accept that it is okay to write in first person, after years of being told by teachers that, “Writing ‘I’ in a story, is lazy writing!” I naturally have ongoing problems with grammar and punctuation and don’t have the confidence to post anything online without getting it proofread first.

I have discovered my love of writing late in life, but now have a real passion for the everyday structure of working hard to get a piece completed, and will hopefully carry on for many days, weeks and months to come.


This is my entry for therealljidol

Week 17 (5 of 5) -
"Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life"

Iona Beach

North beach, Isle of Iona, Hebrides.


Traigh-an-t-suidhe (Scottish Gaelic) - The beach of the seat (English)

Warm summer days roll away
Tides turn
Time has no place here
Pure white sand
Aqua sea
Gentle waves
Small soft voices of nature
The peaceful sound of silence.

My happy place
Spiritual home
Where heaven and earth collide
I am present


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Week 17 (4 of 5) - My Happy Place




The Guest Speaker



Lucy Jennings let the word excitedly roll off her tongue in a voice that could have easily passed on a phone line for Cruella Da Vil.

“I’m sorry? What did you just say?” The older lady in the hand-knitted fluffy pink mohair jumper sat opposite her asked, her face scrunched in disgust.

“DETRITUS,” she repeated, slightly louder.

“As in dirt and rubbish and stuff?”

Lucy laughed, “Exactly!”

The elderly woman wearing a knitted brown wool beret, sat next to Lucy, slowly leaned as far away as possible from her.

Lucy was used to people behaving as if she was contagious or something.

“What kind of stuff exactly?” The woman in a pristine white blouse with frilly collar enquired.

“Well.” Lucy smiled politely. “Basically, anything and everything from prehistoric times to now, that people have ever dropped down a hole, poured into a drain or flushed from a toilet.”

Pink fluffy jumper lady’s face turned a shade of green.

“It can range from dinosaur to modern excrement,” Lucy enthused. “via stone age axe heads, Roman coins, and Tudor rubbish. Then there’s all manner of Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian stuff, old first and second world war discarded bullets, and more recently, we acquired a dried piece of the ‘Whitechapel fatberg’ which contains things such as solidified fat, modern wet wipes, condoms, and disposable nappies.”

“Oh dear!” the lady in the maroon cardigan to her right exclaimed, politely placing her plate containing a slice of homemade Victoria sponge on the coffee table as if it were suddenly poison. “Well!… erm… that’s… errrr… different, isn’t it?”

“Well yes, it certainly is, but I do enjoy my job very much.”

The elderly lady wearing an expensive pearl necklace to her left, who had been quiet so far, stated with a sarcastic tone. “Well, I’m sure you do, my dear. It sounds every bit a delightful job!”

“And you say people actually come to see your exhibition of erm… detritus,” The white bloused woman enquired.

“Oh yes.” Lucy said enthusiastically. “Our ‘City Now, City Future’ exhibition is very popular. The fact that it explores urban changes in London and around the world fascinates people, and our chunk of the ‘Whitechapel fatberg’ is by far our most viewed item.”

The lady in the pearl necklace laughed “I’m sure a detritus exhibition is a very pleasant way to pass half an hour,” adding sarcastically under her breath, “if all the shops were shut, it was pouring with rain, a typhoon had blown away every possible form of shelter and there was absolutely nowhere else to go!”

Everyone laughed at her comment.

Brown beret woman thought quietly for a second. “If someone handed me a suitcase and said ‘here’s a million pound in cash, which is yours right now if you visit the ‘City now City future’ exhibition,’ I’d go along and take a look.”

“I think I’d need more like four million!” Maroon cardigan lady added, shaking her head.

“Ladies!” The woman in the white blouse said politely but firmly, as she checked her watch. “May I suggest that we finish this meeting very shortly, as those of us who are members of village bowling team have a very important quarter final match this afternoon, which is due to start in thirty five minutes.”

Everyone present muttered and nodded in agreement.

She continued, “I’d like to say a huge thank you to Miss Lucy Jennings for coming along as our guest speaker this afternoon. It’s been delightful having you come and chat to us and tell us about your job as one of the curators of The Museum of London and explain all about the interesting and different… ermm… detritus you’ve dealt with in your exhibition. Thank you very much, Lucy.”

Everyone in the room clapped politely.

Lucy narrowed her eyes. “… I’m Sorry! But I’m a bit confused. I thought you had invited me all the way up here, from London to the North of England today, to talk to you about fatbergs, and to help you understand what they are, what serious problems they cause, and to inform you of how to get rid of them. I haven't had a chance yet to discuss them with you at all! Do any of you actually understand exactly what a fatberg is? How big they can possibly grow? What huge problems they cause? Or how you would go about getting rid of one?”

“I’m not really sure I want to know any more details to be honest,” Pink fluffy jumper lady replied already forcefully stuffing Lucy’s handout sheets roughly into her handbag. “I mean, it was absolutely delightful, having to here to speak to us, but really, your topic of discussion is all very horrid and dirty and smelly isn’t it? I don’t mean to be rude to you, my dear, or anything, but, to be honest, I don’t really feel as if I want to be talking about the disgusting stuff you deal with any longer than I just had to! It turns my stomach just thinking about it!”

“But...” Lucy tried to add.

“... Oh my dear,” The pearl necklace woman told her “It looks like there has been an awful mistake. I’m afraid that it was Mrs Price from our neighbouring village who arranged and paid for your visit to our meeting. She told us that you would be 'interesting and relevant', but I’m afraid that seems not to be the case!”

“But...” Lucy tried again.

The woman in the white blouse glared at Lucy and tapped her watch impatiently to remind her it was time for them all to leave the building.

Lucy shook her head in amazement as all the other ladies in the room fell silent for the close of the meeting, and realised there was absolutely no point at all in trying to continue her conversation.

The white bloused woman coughed, “I’d like to thank you all for coming to today’s meeting. As chairwoman, of the environmental committee of the Parish Council for the village of Daleworth, I’d like to officially close this meeting. We will next meet two months from today, same time, same place. At the next meeting we will continue our discussion about the ongoing smells and drainage problems the Daleworth residents have kept PERSISTENTLY complaining to us about. That is, of course as long as the date of the meeting doesn’t clash with the date of the bowling team league grand final match. If it does, then I think we are all in agreement that the game is far more important than a silly old boring environmental meeting isn’t it?”

She over-dramatically pretended to yawn. The other ladies giggled.

"… Meeting adjourned.”


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Week 17 (3 of 5) - Fatberg



It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.


As departmental head, he keeps a close eye on all his employees. He knows everything about their activities at work and knows exactly who takes their breaks, and when. He has full access to all their computers and monitors their usage closely. It’s just something he has always done, as part of his job, to make sure no important government secrets are given away.

Recently, he has taken to watching his new secretary and does it quite often.

He can’t help but observe her during the day, as she carries out her duties. He scrutinizes every tiny detail about her, is fascinated by her laugh, finds irresistible that broad beaming smile she gives to those she likes as well as the slightly smaller lopsided one she presents to those of whom she doesn’t. He has a weakness for the way she raises her eyebrow when she is questioning his order and is even attracted to the strange way she contorts his face when she gets angry with him.

Naturally, he has bugged all his employees’ homes. He loves to watch them at night and obviously considers this the most enjoyable perk of his job.

But in the last month he has really got to know his secretary’s routine and knows exactly the best time to watch. He has become acquainted with every smooth curve of her elegant naked body, appreciates every silent aspect of her slender figure shown off to perfection by the lamplight in her room. Is aware of the mole above her left knee, the tiny birthmark on her right shoulder blade and even the faded appendix scar that no-one else knows about.

He is thrilled and excited by her.

And aroused by the fact that neither she, nor any of his employees, have any idea they are being watched.


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Week 17 (2 of 5) - Vigilance



He lives in hope.


“Truth, dare, kiss, or promise, Zac?” she asks me.

“Oh Kiss,” I answer excited. Any opportunity to kiss Lily and I’m right there! “No doubt about it. Definitely kiss!”

She sighs. “Oh Zac! You are so predictable! You always pick kiss!”

“I know Lily,” I sigh wistfully, “but I live in hope that one day you’ll let me kiss you.”

She smiles at me angelically. “You know what, Zac, I might actually let you kiss me later if you go and make me a drink of hot chocolate.”

I hurry into the kitchen, fling open the cupboard door and grab the ingredients. I love Lily. I’d do absolutely anything for her. She is just the prettiest girl in the whole wide world, and if making her a hot chocolate puts me in with a higher chance of getting a kiss, then that’s absolutely fine by me!

She adds sweetly from the dining room, “And don’t forget I want cream and marshmallows on top as well, will you.”

A few minutes later, I present her with her lovingly prepared drink.

“Do I get my kiss now, Lily?”

“I only said ‘might’ Zac!” She teases. “No, for this round, I want you to flick through your Dad’s old vinyl LPs and kiss the sixth women you come across.”

I sigh “That’s boring! All I ever do whenever we play this game, is either kiss strange women on various record covers or ugly women on the TV screen! I think I should be allowed to kiss a person who is actually alive, and one who is sat not far away from me right now!”

Lily stands up quickly and paces across the dining room once before her face lights up. “Ah-ha!” She smiles. “I have it! As you are fed up with kissing the women I usually arrange for you to kiss, the only other person who sat down near to you, is Michael! Yes that’s it! I want you to go into the front room and kiss Michael!”

“What!… Yuck!… No!...” There is no way I am kissing my older brother! That’s horrid! Absolutely not! Michael is definitely not the person I had in mind! “I don’t want to kiss him!”

“Zac,” she says, as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth “I know you don’t want to do it, but, to be in with a chance of kissing me, you have to go and kiss Michael first. And if you don’t kiss him, your forfeit will be to take off all your clothes and walk naked to the newsagents shop at the end of the road and buy a pint of milk.”

I contemplate my options. Kissing Michael or naked shopping? Both sound extremely humiliating and neither involve me kissing Lily! I sigh and figure that kissing Michael is the lesser of the two evils. As I hurry out of the room, Lily follows and waits in the doorway.

I run up to my older brother who is sitting watching TV, as fast as I can, kiss him on his lips and run away. Michael is taken by surprise and automatically reacts by trying to swipe me across the head. It’s a close shave, but I successfully manage to avoid his attack. Lily laughs as I hastily scamper past her.

“Right, Zac it’s my turn to choose,” she informs me as she walks back into the dining room. “You have to ask me whether I want Truth, dare, kiss, or promise now.”

I’ve got a strong feeling she’s conned me somehow. “What happened to my kiss?”

“You just had your turn. You kissed Michael. You’ll have to wait until it’s your turn again.”

“This game just isn’t fair!” I tell her grumpily. If there’s one thing I hate it’s getting conned! “I don’t want to play any more!”

“Look, just ask me, Zac!” she replies sounding bored.

Suddenly a brilliant idea suddenly comes into my head. One so fantastic Lily will have to kiss me. It can’t fail! “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss or Kiss, Lily?” I laugh triumphantly.

“You know that’s not the name of the game, Zac” she sighs, “and if you don’t ask me properly, I shall go home. I’m starting to get quite bored with you now.”

“Oh, don’t go.” I beg. I hate the sound of my voice when I’m begging, it squeaks in all sorts of unusual and uncontrollable directions, but if me begging her to stay is what she wants to hear, then so be it! “I’ll ask you properly Lily, honest! - Truth, dare, kiss, or promise?”

She smiles sweetly, “Dare!”


“Don’t pull a face like that at me, Zac!”

I pout, “Well! You're not supposed to pick dare. You’re supposed to pick kiss!”

“No, I’m not. I can pick whichever one I want to pick!”

I sulk. “I don’t want to play this game anymore!”

“Just pick a dare for me,” she sighs.

I realise I’m not getting anywhere with the ‘kissing Lily’ part of this game and today’s probably not going to be my lucky day.

I give her ‘Dare’ a bit of thought and knowing how close, a few moments earlier, Michael had been to hitting me, and knowing how much I hate him most of the time, I decide it would be great fun to annoy him further.

“Okay, Lily” I reply giggling, “I dare you to go and tell Michael that you really, really, really, really, really really, fancy him and you want him to be your boyfriend.”

Lily nearly chokes on her hot chocolate and flushes with embarrassment. She talks slowly and gently to me as if I’m some sort of idiot. “You don’t really want me say that to him, do you, Zac? That probably wouldn’t be a very wise thing for me to do. I know I tease and torment you all the time, but you really are my best friend in the whole wide world and to be honest, saying that to Michael really wouldn’t be fair to you at all. Why don’t I give you another a minute or two to think of a different dare for me to do while I drink my hot chocolate?”

I can’t believe my luck! I can suddenly see another chance to kiss her. Oh I can’t believe how cunning and clever I am. I am so pleased with myself for coming up with such a brilliant plan “You’ll have to pay a forfeit of kissing me naked if you don’t.” I grin.

She looks intently at me before shaking her head slowly in disbelief. Putting down her drink on the dining table, she turns and slowly walks out of the room.

OH BLAST! Lily is actually going to go ahead with the dare instead of kissing me!

DAMN! Why did I stupidly suggest the naked bit? I shouldn’t have suggested the naked bit! Why did I try to push the game that bit further? She might have actually kissed me if I’d not asked her to take her clothes off! I am such a stupid, stupid, stupid idiot sometimes!

Following her into the living room, I watch from the doorway as Lily slowly and deliberately approaches Michael. She speaks to him in a hushed whisper, and my brother blushes slightly before he replies.

Then Michael takes her in his arms and kisses her in the way that only I, myself, should be allowed to kiss her, and not only that, but she seems to be kissing him just as much.

Damn! Not only have I lost the SILLY kissing game, but I’ve lost Lily as well.

“STUPID, STUPID, STUPID KISSING GAME!” I curse, as I kick the door frame hard, and stomp back into the dining room on my own.


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Week 17 (1 of 5) - Salad Days



The Dinner Date


I’ve had a suspicion that he’s been seeing someone. He thinks I haven’t noticed the subtle changes, but when you’ve known someone for as long as I have, you can’t help but spot them – the recent haircut, dressing smarter, showering more often.

I shouldn’t have looked at his phone, I know, but just couldn’t help it; I needed to know if I was right. His unlock code was easy to work out, he’s not a difficult man to understand. My second attempt cracked it – his birth year.

Wednesday 17th March 10.29am
Thank you for a delightful evening last night. We’ll have to do it again soon.
Love Sarah x


So... that’s what she’s called.


Her name mulls around in my mind for a while.

So much for his ‘Going out for a few drinks with his pals’ last night.

I notice his reply.

Wednesday 17th March 10.38am
Why don’t you come round for dinner on Saturday night at 7pm? Lou’s away on a girl’s night out with her friend Steph. She’ll not be back until the morning. I’ll return the favour by cooking dinner.
Love Jack x

He’ll cook dinner! Ha! He never cooks anything and he’s certainly never cooked anything for me. I make all his meals, have done for years. The only ‘cooking’ he ever does, involves popping one of the frozen meals that I prepared beforehand, in the microwave.

So she’s coming to dinner, is she? Looks like I’ll just have to ‘accidentally’ catch them together!

Grabbing my handbag at the usual time on Saturday evening, I remind him not to forget to pop his dinner in the microwave later. Kissing him goodnight, he instructs me to have a great time and to be good.

I drive around aimlessly for a while instead of going over to Steph’s place, arriving home around eight thirty. An hour and a half should be long enough for them to have got settled and relaxed.

There’s an unfamiliar red car in our drive. I quietly open the front door of the house and silently tiptoe down the hall. There is laughter from within the dining room. I open the door suddenly and startle them. Half-expecting to find a young, leggy, brassy blonde, I am shocked instead to see an older lady who bears an uncanny resemblance to my mother, who passed away more than a decade ago, sitting across the dining table from him, sipping red wine by candlelight.

“Oh, Lou, I wasn’t expecting you!” he says in shock, nearly spilling his own wine. “I thought you were out this evening!”

My eyes flick instantly and uncontrollably between the older woman at the table and the picture of my mother on the mantelpiece. To be honest, I am quite taken aback by the striking similarity.

“Sorry, I just had to pop back for a cardigan” I lie. “It’s cold out tonight.” I smile at the two of them “Are you going to introduce me to your friend?”

They both blush like teenagers. He stands up and walks towards me. He’s looking younger and happier than he’s looked in years, but looks scared and guilty at being found out. “Lou, I’m really sorry, I’ve been meaning to tell you, but I just didn’t quite know how to. This is Sarah.”

I hold my hand out in greeting towards her and smile, “It’s lovely to meet you, Sarah.” Shyly and politely, she shakes my hand and replies that it is lovely to meet me, too. I can see why he likes her. She’s pretty and elegant, just as my mother was. I kiss her on her slightly rouge-powdered cheek and tell her that she must be doing something right, as I’ve not seen my father this happy in years.

He has been lonely and sad since my mother died and I’m delighted he’s finally found someone to have dinner with. I suspect, meeting Sarah might be the best thing that has happened to him in a very long time.



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Week 16 - Inkling