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4400 post

Last night I went to the pub with C. and my cousin aimingtobefit . Disappointing night on the ginger front - not a single one in sight and it was the same the week before!

Anyway I was telling my cousin about discovering 4400 and she said that she was surprised I hadn't found it earlier because she thought it would be my sort of programme. It turns out she watched the first two seasons!

Now I have not just one person to squee to about it  - but two!

I'm now halfway through the 4th series and I think this series is even better than the others. The story seems to have got back on track and we seem to be getting more answers - and questions ;D

There's been some very good episodes
Although where's Richard? He just disappeared without a word. Although I suppose there's still time for him to reappear! 
Tom's comment about him and Diana working late had me in stitches!
And has Jordan just flirted with Tom?

As I said I'm loving it!!!

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