C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Hurrah! It's been sunny today!

It's been sunny all day and it's been about 22c.. This is the first sunny day we've had since the 23rd July! It's just been rain, rain, rain for weeks!

I like it when it's sunny, it makes me happy.

Last night I created a new challenge community called50_posts  for people to write 50 different posts in their journals from 50 different prompts. If anyone would care to check out the profile for me and see if it is clear and makes sense I would be grateful. I wrote it when I was tired!

Of course if you want to join and have a go, you're most welcome :)

Today I joined a slimming club. I attended the same class seven years ago when I lost 29lb for my friends wedding in Scotland. I carried on going to the class for another couple of years even though I was in target. I've kept the weight off right up until my Gall Bladder op. last Easter.
After my op I just kept thinking 'Oooh I'll have a little bit of this and that' (like when I ate a Cornish pasty when I was on holiday a few weeks ago!) but 'bits of this and that' all add up and slowly over the 16 months I have put on 18lbs. I can feel the difference in my clothes and when I walk. There are quite a few ladies who still go to the class that where there 7 years ago and they were shocked to hear that it I had been left about 5 years they all thought it was 2 years at the most!

The thing that makes me determined to lose weight at the club is that I can't really afford to go and I can't afford to be throwing money away by not sticking to the plan. So the quicker I get to my target weight and get the classes for free the better!

So here's to planning to fit back in my little red dress for all those Christmas parties I'm going to go to because I'm lovely and thin! LOL!

After the slimming club I went to the leisure centre and picked up a form to apply for concessionary entry because I qualify for it. The centre is only a two minutes walk from the club so I'm planning to go swimming afterwards next week with a couple of the other ladies.

This afternoon in between sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine.I've been doing a bit of writing. I'm writing a fan fic for one of the communities I'm in.  Oh ... and I've changed my bed ready for tonight. I'm going to have a lovely relaxing bath and have an early night - after I've watched the eviction from Big Brother of course!


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