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Steve was off Sat. Sun. and Mon.

On Saturday he was tired and moaned a lot and complained of being bored! He's a nightmare when he's tired!

Sunday the weather was lovely and sunny. I went to church in the morning and Steve met me after. We went food shopping and then made a picnic and had a drive out into the countryside. We went for a walk on a footpath we discovered in the middle of nowhere and then came back and he did me some jobs around the flat.

I had loads of little jobs that needed doing this weekend I'm glad he did them for me!

Monday it was raining and we spent the day doing more jobs around the flat. I finally finished sorting the final box of papers - I've got a huge pile to shred sometime soon! He painted the bit of my kitchen wall that he couldn't get to last week and put sealant around the edge of the flooring and worktop. He also finally ripped the 70's wood panelling off the wall in the hall way, thank goodness! it looks loads brighter now.

I've been to a Tenants Association meeting this morning - which wasn't very exciting! And this afternoon I've been emptying yet more boxes in the spare bedroom so that I'll have space for the bed when it arrives at the weekend.

Oh! and for some strange reason my grill wouldn't work this tea time! I wanted to grill some food and nothing happened! I ended up having to use the oven instead so my tea was a little bit on the dry side!

Tomorrow is the Tenants Association day trip to Scarborough so I'm hoping it's going to be another red hot day.

Sometime soon I will hopefully get around to writing the story that I'm suppose to be doing for a friends b'day - otherwise it'll be too late!

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