C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

The last couple of days.

First of all I didn't go to Scarborough on Wednesday. I had a most horrid headache and it was pouring with rain so I decided to stay home and rest instead.

By last night I finally got to a point where I'd emptied most of the boxes in my spare bedroom! There are still quite a few left to do but I moved what's left across to one corner of the room and now I've got a huge empty space for a bed! I keep having to go in and look at the nearly empty room cos it's been full since I moved in at Easter!

This morning I went to slimming club and found I'd lost five and half pounds! That's good for me as last time I did this diet I used to lose two pounds in a week. I was thinking that I would be happy if I lost a pound! I expect that next week I may not do so well having lost a lot this week. If I could do a pound and a half so I've lost half a stone I'll be delighted.

After I went to meet a friend for lunch at the pub I usually go to on Friday evening. They had a limited menu as the pub is changing hands on Monday and they have to finish off all the food they have in the kitchen. Still I had a nice health dinner.

I was quite late meeting my friend because as I was on the bus from town I felt in my pocket for my house key and realised that I didn't have it! I searched in my bag and my purse - nothing! I knew I'd taken it out of my pocket as I was getting weighed and had put it on the table. I didn't remember ever picking it back up! I was about half way home and I had to make a quick decision; get off the bus and go back for it or stay on the bus for another few stops and walk to my mom's for the spare key. I decided to go back for it. I got off the bus and searched while I waited for the bus. The bus arrived and I'd travelled about four stops when I found my key! As my bus is only every half an hour I then had a twenty five minute wait for the next one!

Thankfully my friend was still there waiting for me even though I arrived half an hour late!


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