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What is your LiveJournal username? How did you come up with it?
itsjustc -  When I was growing up I always signed off at the end of friends letters with Luv C.x and this carried on through mobile texting and onto the internet.  My friend suggested this username to me.  I would really have liked the username itsjustc.x but it wouldnt allow me.

Have you renamed before? If so, what were your old names? If you haven't renamed, what names would you want to rename to?
Not on here - I've had a couple of changes on other sites like when The Tribe BB shut down and reopened several years ago.

How much does your userinfo say about you?
It dosn't say much about me but it says as much as I want it to for the moment.. I keep updating it when I feel like adding more.

How long have you been on LiveJournal?
About 10 months but for most of that time I lurked or commented on other peoples posts till I sussed out what I was doing. I started posting in my own journal at the start of February.

What is the longest amount of time you've gone without posting?
Dunno, but it would have been in those early days.

On average, how many entries do you post per day? (Divide how many total entries you have by how many days you've been on LJ.)
About once every two days.

What are your posts normally about?
Things that I've been up to, TV programmes I've watched, Music, The Tribe

80s_stuff, 70s_stuff,

 Is your LiveJournal friends only? Why or why not?

No, I don't live an exciting enough life to worry about it being friends only! If I've written any fanfics then I lock my entry for the friends I know would probably be interested in reading it.

Does your LiveJournal have an actual title or are you merely USER @ LiveJournal?

How long do you see yourself staying on LiveJournal?
I can see myself staying around for quite a while. I've joined some good comms, started a couple and have some good people on my f'list.


How many people are on your friendslist, not counting private journals, media journals, etc?

Why do you choose to add a person to your friendslist?
Most of the time it's because we frequent the same comms and have added each other that way, although one is my cousin, one is my friend and one was random.

Is your friendslist an actual list of people you consider friends, or more of a reading list?
Definitely friends rather than just reading lists.

How often do you read your friendslist?
Everyday, I come onto my journal, check mine in case I need to answer posts, or make a new entry then I'm straight onto my f'list page to check out who's talking about what as well as to check out the comm's I'm on.

Do you use filters when viewing your friendslist?
No. I enjoy reading them all.

How much do you talk to people on your friendslist off of LiveJournal?

My cousin about once a fortnight, my friend Pete once a week, others never.

Do you regularly participate in friending memes? If not, how do you normally find people to friend?

Not friending memes -  I prefer to use memes that help me get to know more about the friends I have already added. I usually get to know people who are in the same comms as me and then usually I ask them if I can friend them.

How often do you add new friends to your friendslist?

As I tend to do most of the asking, it's as and when I find someone who I think I would like to add to my list. I'm quite selective in my asking and I'm not on here to have the highest figures. Everyone who has asked if they could add me has turned out to be lovely and I enjoy people finding and asking me.

Do your friends have things in common with you?

They all do because of how we met!


How many userpics do you get maximum? How many of those slots do you actually use?

I've got fifteen and at the moment I have fifteen with several on reserve on my computer.

Do you mostly use icons made by yourself or by others?
Others, although as I used to be a photographer I really want to suss out how to do them.

Do you have your own icon community? How often do you post in it?
Nope but I have

80s_stuff and 70s_stuff

and I welcome icons from the 70's and 80's

What fandoms are most frequently seen in your userpics?
The Tribe

How do you find icons to use?
I look in the search box or look through the comms i'm in.

How often do you upload new icons to use in your userpics?
I uploaded one yesterday but It was a while since I last did.

Which of your userpics do you use the most?
I use most of them as I chop and change which I'm going to display but my black and white Debbie Harry pic, Mega from The Tribe, Amber from The Tribe, Ashes to Ashes, and Torchwood.

Which of your userpics do you like the most?

My Debbie Harry one and The Tim Curry one I uploaded yesterday although I don't know when I'll use it.

In fact I'll use it now!

The old minimum number of userpics was three. Could you see yourself "surviving" on three userpics now?

Probably not, but I'd just keep changing them every now and then.

What do your userpics say about you?

That I'm a Tribe obsessed, 80's music lover.

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