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This was a hard question to answer!

Do I like animals?

That’s a huge, huge question! There are quite a vast amount of living creatures in the world!

I’ve actually had to investigate and research what different types of animals there are and there are quite a lot of different categories! I didn’t realise that a sponge was an animal. I don’t know what I thought it was; but not an animal!

I’m not a vegetarian, although I live a vegetarian lifestyle and I’m not a member of PETA but I think they’re a group that do a lot towards making people aware of animal cruelty. I would never purposely hurt or kill any living thing. If I see an insects and spiders in my flat I always let it go outside and I step very carefully after dark so I don’t treat on any snails or slugs!

My favourite animal is a cat. If I could have a pet in my flat I would choose a cat. I grew up with three; all of whom had different personalities but all tortoiseshells. Within a few days of moving into my new flat I was befriended by a tortoiseshell cat that was walking past as I sat outside. She decided that she wanted to sit on my knee in the sun and be fussed. I really enjoyed her company that morning and I hope she visits me again sometime.

I love hummingbirds and seahorses. A few years ago I had the opportunity to see a group of seahorses at a sea life centre but I have yet to see a hummingbird.

I have a fear of mites, ticks and anything that is less than the size of a pinhead! I scream whenever I find I have red spider mites on my plants or if I see dust mites in old books and yet I have no problem with spiders, woodlice or silverfish!

So yes, I like animals but in different degrees depending on the type.

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