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It's been nice these last two days with no rain!

Yesterday afternoon I decided to get myself out for a walk. I set off walking up the hill towards the village but changed my mind and decided to walk along the nature trail in the valley. The trail is about 4 miles long and I joined it at 'S' bend in the road at the half way point. I walked up the valley through the woods to the end then up the road that goes very steeply up hill and back along the road where loads of Elder trees grow. The Elderberries are all still green at the moment. I'm trying to decide whether to make Elderberry wine this year in my new flat! The blackberries are starting to turn black though a lot are still red. I stopped off at the little country pub near my flat and sat in the beer garden that looks out across the valley. I enjoyed a glass of non alcoholic larger and headed back home in time for my tea. It was a round walk of about 4 miles.

This morning I went out walking again. This time with the Tuesday Ladies. After not being down in the valley for about a month I went again this morning only this time we walked via a little country lane to the start of the trail and finished by walking up the path I walked down yesterday. This morning there were quite a few young children with us as all the grandmas were looking after the children while their parents were at work. Being the youngest in the group I felt like a mother hen as all these children aged 3 - 7 crowed around me and as they all followed me in a single file across the stepping stones I felt like the pied piper! I got stung by a nettle and they were in awe as I showed them how to recognise a doc leaf and how to use it to stop nettle stings. the littlest one held her finger up to me and said she'd been stung on her finger. I knew she hadn't but her friend rubbed a doc leaf on anyway. I enjoyed teaching them about the plants and wild life. It's been years since I've had any involvement with children of that age.

Oh and I'm happy that my foot seems to be better. It hasn't hurt me on either of these two walks.

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