C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Even better than the real thing

OMG!!!!!!   I can't believe what's happened this afternoon!!!!

I went to meet my friend from Nottingham at Meadowhall shopping centre and we met in this cafe at the the food court called the Oasis. There was a U2 tribute band playing and we were sat about 30 feet away. I could see the 50 or so people gathered round watching the band but couldn't see the band themselves because they were behind a wall. They were really good and just sounded like the real thing. They did all the hits and played for about an hour and a quarter.

As I left Meadowhall and got on the tram I noticed that the traffic was really bad and mentioned it to the girl sat next to me. She said 'Oh yeah it's 'cos U2 are playing at the Don Valley Stadium tonight! OMG! It suddenly dawned on me and I asked her if it really was U2 playing in the Oasis this afternoon. She told me it was!!!

I can't believe I was sat about 30 feet away all afternoon and I never bothered to look around the wall!!!!

Well you never in a million years expect U2 to play a gig at your local out of town shopping centre do you!!!

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