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Greenbelt Friday

Woke up this morning , turned over and the room spun like crazy. Was determined to come to the festival. Got picked up this morning at 8.30 and arrived at about noon. Set up tents etc and finished about 2pm. Everything was still spinning so just collapsed in the tent for the rest of the afternoon.

The festival started at 5pm and I eventually managed to tentativly get on site about 8pm! I went to see Alex Horne, a comedian in a similar vein to Dave Gorman. He was really funny. He's got another show over the weekend so I'll go to that one too.

I've just come in the internet cafe for a coffee and then I think I'm gonna have to take a steady walk back and have an early night! Hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up bright and breezy and full of festival spirit!

Till tomorrow x
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