C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Festival Sunday night

Ok so when it comes to music my young people are officially great!

In the minibus on the way here they started by playing The Sweet, followed by the prodigy, followed by Beethoven followed by Alice Cooper - how fantastic is that from 14 - 16 year olds!

They happily  give me tips on bands they think I'll enjoy and they ask me if there's anyone I think the'll like! Last night they came with me to see the Duke and all fell madly in love with him, (after talking last night they now want to watch The Tribe! yay!)

Anyway after the concert last night we all went to last orders which is a late night perfomance cafe type thing and Duke played a couple of songs.  We were walking back to the tents at about 1am (we were the only ones walking in that camping area at that time and they were all giggling about how muched they fancied him when I heard this irish voice to the side of me. I turned and he's walking along side us so I started talking to him and then the older lads got talking to himabout writing music and he talked for about 15 mins as we walked through the campsite. I could see the girls were dying to squeeee!

It was funny how cool they kept until he had left us and gone out of sight!

Times about to run out again

until later x
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