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Don't die of shock - but it's a post about politics!

Let me start by saying that my parents brought me up with the idea that everyones' political views are private and that's it's our right to vote in private - so excuse me if I'm not very fluent in political terminology and stuff.  I just don't discuss politics!

I just took this test

Here are my results -

The Political Compass

Economic Left/Right: -4.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.51

This result didn't really surprise me. What actually did surprise me was the next chart that shows the positions of the UK parties as of 2003. I have always seen myself as being nearer a Liberal Democrat than anything else while according to this chart I'm actually nearer to agreeing with the Green Party.

I don't even have a green candidate in my area!

UK Political Parties chart

This next chart explains to me why I've felt less and less Liberal Democrat over these last few years.

UK Parties at different times

This is how it compares to the US graph 2008 -

To sum it all up into a few words

I believe very strongly in social justice,

I also believe in -
non violence. I consider military intervention to always be a very very very very very very last resort. ,
feminism and gender equality
respect for diversity
personal and global responsibility
and I'm in favour of laws against all forms of discrimination based on race, gender, disability, religion and sexuality.

I lean towards being pro-European but when it comes to the bit about the Euro replacing the Pound I'm not so sure.

I feel strongly about environmental issues and agree with taxing polluting industry and transport more than cleaner forms and hope for future cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

On a local level, I am involved in the Tenants and Residents Association and have fought and won against mobile phone masts being built near or on top of my flat on several occasions and am now known as the person in the area to contact for information.

I also once made a suggestion at a planning meeting which the councillors put forward to government and later I found that it had been changed by law!

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