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I was seeing my friend off at about 00.20 and the couple next door were coming in from the pub with a pizza looking quite drunk. We all said hello, goodnight, and they went in and my friend went home. 01.00 there's a little knock on my door. As I was still up and about waiting for my friend to ring me to tell me she had got home safely. I go to look through my spyhole and its the lad from next door. I open the door and he asks if I've got the right time. I tell him its one o'clock, and he stands there in his dressing gown pissed as a fart. I realised that it was all getting a bit odd so I ask  "Where Emma?"
"She's asleep in bed"
"And don't you think that you should go and join her?"
"Oh yeah!"
He stands there for a bit longer and I knew damn well he was wanting me to ask him in.
"Night then!" I hint.
"Erm yeah right, night! he says reaching for my hand and kissing me on the cheek.
To which I give him my stern look and point my finger at him.
"Time for you to go, NOW. Goodnight!"
"Yeah goodnight"
At which point I shut the door on him and leave him going back to his.

I mean, come on, what did he expect - oh yes, please do come into my flat in your dressing gown at one o' clock in the morning! - I don't think so matey!

I do hope that this was a one off - I think it was. He's lived next door for 4 years and it is the first time anything like this has happened.

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