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Beautiful Weather!

We are having an Indian summer heatwave!

It is beautiful! We've had such a rubbish summer with the ten minutes of sunshine followed by the 10 minutes of rain that's happened continuously since the beginning of July!

The sun came out on Tuesday afternoon and they say it's going to last until about Wednesday next week.

I hope it's nice on Saturday as Steve and I have booked a caravan for the night at a really nice site with indoor pool, tennis courts woodland walks and restaurant/bar. Usually we only to a camp site as somewhere to sleep while we visit somewhere. This weekend we are taking books and relaxing by the caravan and not planning to go off site. That's why we picked a site with some facilities.

On Tuesday morning I went for a walk with the ladies group and I feel as though I'm making some good friends. We walked to the top of the village then down towards the valley walked back along the middle road and cut back up the hill across the fields to the starting point. We walked about 3 miles again. One of the ladies invited me on a Saturday walk she goes on with a different group that does about 5 miles.

Tuesday afternoon I started to empty the soil out of one of my planters. It was a bigger job than I imagined I got it about half emptied before I flagged! I phoned Steve and He said 'I thought that was my job!' But while the weathers nice I felt like getting on with it.

Yesterday my sister picked me up in the car and my mom and me went over to see her new house. She actually moved the same week as I did in April but as it's out of Sheffield it's the first time I've seen it. It's a new build on top of a hill that looks across about 60 miles! She's Barnsley way and she can see the cooling towers at Selby! She's had the garden done and that looks lovely. It's a three bedroom house with on-suit bathrooms, a kitchen diner and quite large living room. It's all nicely decorated and furnished.

It made me realise just HOW MUCH WORK I need to do in my flat!!!

I felt like doing a bit more empting of the planter this morning but my next door neighbour has two elderly friends round doing hers and I don't want to get in their way so I've come indoors for a while.

I think I might go out for a walk in this glorious sunshine later!

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