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The weekend

The weather stayed nice until this morning and then it was on and off again today although it didn't rain.

Friday I went to the slimming club and lost another half a pound. It's slow progress but I guess it went on slowly over a year ad a half so It's not going to come off very quickly either. At least it's going in the right direction.

Friday afternoon I went up to Steve's flat to wait in for the gas man to service his boiler. Very exciting - not!

Saturday and Sunday we booked ourselves into a Caravan site with indoor pool - which they opened up on Saturday to be an open air pool as it was so hot! It had a sauna but I was too hot to bother with that! It had a bar, tennis courts and petanque area.

I was sat by the pool having put suntan lotion on when this guy walks level with me, stops and says "Crikey! I can smell Coconut, I haven't smelt that in years. It smells like the suntan oil I used to use as a child!"

If you are one of the two people who knows why I had images of The Tribe flashing through my mind, I just have to say that it was hard trying to keep the smirk to myself! ;)

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