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Stupid me!

When I got back yesterday evening I discovered I'd unplugged my fridge and freezer!

Thankfully I've not lost too much food as I mainly had frozen veg and bread stuff in the freezer - just thrown away a bag of lamb mince and my quorn mince. I know I could have cooked them up last night but it was getting late when I found it unplugged and I was too tired to start cooking. I've also lost two small chicken fillets and a very small piece of lamb. Lost some quorn sandwich slices from the fridge and I haven't checked the yogurts yet, but they should be okay.

So not too bad over all.

I'm now deciding whether I need to go shopping again today or whether it can wait until I'm in that area on Wednesday.

I can't wait till my kitchen is modernised and the plug is tucked away somewhere where I won't just pull it out before I go away for the weekend!

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