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I've felt really fed up these last couple of days.

On Saturday, typical of me, I over did it. I had been feeling quite good so Steve took me to the supermarket where I spent too long a time walking around. I had a lot of shopping to buy - he carried it for me but I was tired by the time we'd finished. Sunday I woke up quite painful which lasted throughout all of yesterday as well.

And I suppose I was being a bit in front of myself, hoping to be well enough to get into college yesterday - I suppose it is still only two and a half weeks since the op! It has worked out well though, What with the two weeks off for the Easter holidays and then next weeks class being cancelled, I'll have only missed yesterday's class. So I'm now aiming to go back on Mon 21st and video my presentation. It has to be 10 - 15 mins long in bsl with three people being able to interrupt at any point and ask me questions about it.

I'm going to be talking about The British Sign Language Bible Translation Project - http://www.bslbible.org.uk/
I've not prepared or practiced anything yet, but I will over the next week when I can get my head into gear.

On a happier note - Friday was a day when I had a couple of friends call round to visit me. Heather, bless her, called in the morning and had me laughing my head off and on Friday evening (before the mad neighbour incident)  Lisa called round, she's a mature student doing a fine art course and wanted me to sit for some portrait sketches for a project she's doing. After giggling a lot I settled down and sat still!

Yesterday I started my Lostfest - I got S1 and S2 for Christmas but had been waiting to finish my Tribefest first. I'd forgotten just how much I enjoyed the show when it was on tv! (and just how gorgeous many of the cast are!)

Oh yeah and I also wrote this weeks lyrics quizzes in 70s_stuff and 80s_stuff
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