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It was my first day back signing at college today since Easter.

(For any new friends on my list, - I had to defer my course at Easter after struggling to concentrate because of Labyrinthitis)

I was really worried before I went that I wouldn't understand a single thing that was said to me, but it wasn't bad at all. I understood the majority of what 'P' signed -'T' was harder to understand, but then he always is! There were a couple of moments at the beginning when I lost my concentration but it settled down after about 15 minutes.

The group seem very nice. They don't seem anywhere near as good signers as the group I was with last year were at the same point  though! One girl has done one assessment and one has done three. all the others are waiting for the results of their second assessment so I'm still okay as I completed two assessments last year and am ready to research my third, and maybe film it in a few weeks time.

Most of the time today was spent telling us about what we need to do this year and then sorting out our NUS cards and our library cards. By the time I got back it was only 15 minutes from the end of class. P and T had been having one to ones with everyone so as I have moved from P's tuition to T's, I asked him if he wanted to see my completed work from last year. He had a look through and then I asked a few questions about the slight changes to the course from last year to this year - one of the changes being that last year if we filmed with one other person it had to be 7 - 10 minutes. If there was more than one other it was 10 - 12 minutes long. This year they all have to be 5 - 7 minutes long.

After the class I went to the office to fill in a form and discuss about how my Labyrinthitis and the tablets affect me and if there was anything the college could do to help. They have said that I won't be thrown off the course if I miss classes through illness, and suggested that I'm to have a clear 15 minutes break, I'm to film assessments before 3pm (as I often get tired around that time!) and if ever I do feel I need to go home early because I feel rubbish then that's fine too.

The woman also told me that my group last year had all passed and the outside moderator had been shocked at the high standard of signing from the group, saying that it was the highest standard he had seen all year.

This made me think that maybe I wasn't so bad after all and maybe I had been a normal level 3 student and that the other six students were just REALLY REALLY GOOD!

So I came home feeling happy!

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