C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Thanks Gareth.

Because of going back to college I had been discussing with my mom that I needed a new hobby. Something that was relaxing, enjoyable and with no stress involved whatsoever. I'd thought about joining the local theatre company but decided I would get too stressed if I  had to learn even a single line of dialogue at this moment! At Greenbelt festival (this year and last year) I had attended a couple of drumming workshops and had really enjoyed them. We used to have a drumming group locally but when I inquired I found out that it had finished.

So... thanks to the influence of Mr hot geek Malone, from the BBC programme 'The Choir', I decided to investigate into my local village's choir. I got in touch with someone last week and was told they did a wide variety of music - ABBA, Queen, songs from the shows, classical, religious, swing, jazz and lot's more besides. He also said that this week was a final rehearsal for a CD they are recording on Saturday. The CD is of traditional local carols.

In the Sheffield outlying villages there is an old custom of meeting in the pubs every Sunday evening for the four (or five) Sundays before Christmas and singing local carols. These carols have been written over hundreds of years and every village has it's own carol.  A few years ago this tradition was in danger of dieing out but villagers battled hard to keep them going and there seems to be a bit of a revival for singing them.

Anyway so along I trot to the choir. There were about 30 - 35 people and I realised that I knew a few people . The choir master welcomed me, asked what I sing (alto) introduced me to a lady called Irene who I sat next to and passed me a book. I didn't expect to just join them like that when they were on a final rehearsal but I have to say that I had really great fun!! Everyone was lovely and welcoming during the break time.

There was another new woman who had come for the first time that evening. She moved into the village from Plymouth two weeks ago and is joining things to get to know people.

I can't go next Thursday as I have a craft fayre, but I shall go again the Thursday after.

I've really enjoyed myself tonight!

and now, for my own amusement - because why not. A kilted Gareth Malone collects his BAFTA for his second choir series 'Boys Don't Sing'.


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