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I blame the birds. It's all their fault!!

After a day on SUCH a high and full of excitement yesterday, today I've felt like a damp squib.

On Sunday Steve and I went to the garden centre and bought a bird feeder, some seed and a fat ball. He put them up for me during the day. I knew it had taken the birds about a month to find my next-door-but-one neighbours feeder so I had resigned myself to a long wait.

On Monday morning we went back to the garden centre and bought liner, compost and plants (mainly winter pansies). Steve started replacing the liners of my planters while I went to college in the afternoon. By the time I got back he was filling the last planter with the compost so I planted my bulbs - snowdrops, bluebells, crocuses, mini iris and anemones. I then planted the flowers. We also made up a couple of wall hanging baskets and it all looked LURVLY xxx.

Anyway... Tuesday morning I got up at 7.30am. As it got light around 7.45am I got myself a coffee opened my curtains and sat on the settee quietly to admire my flowers - and they did all look LURVLY xxx. All of a sudden I saw a Great Tit fly to the bird feeder!! then there were two then four and at one point I had 6 birds lined up on my washing line waiting to take turns on the feeder!!! I can't tell you how excited I was!!! I was SOOOO EXCITED!! About 8.25am they stopped coming. I knew that birds come and go so I wasn't too bothered.

This morning was a bit drizzly but I got up at 7.30am just to see the birds. I got my coffee and sat quietly on the settee and - nothing!! not a peep!! I was so disappointed! I've seen nothing of them all day.

My mom says not to worry and that they will be back now they know it's there but I can't believe how sad I have felt all day today just because the birds didn't come and feed from my feeder!!

How stooopid it that!!

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