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Friday - I met a someone famous today!!!

This morning I went to slimming club and have lost another pound and a half - only a pound and a half to go for the stone!!

The slimming club I go to is at a conference centre and we meet in a room at the back of the building. There isn't usually anything going on on a Friday morning but this morning there was a conference. I discovered today that our room is near the back door to the building as just as we were coming to an end of our meeting who should walk in the back door and down the corridor past our room but Terry Waite!!!!

I said to the older lady next to me that I would really love to meet him and she said that she'd like to as well so left the room and noticed he was in the next room to us having a cup of tea. There was a lady outside (supposed to be security I think!) and the other lady asked if 'Mr Waite would mind if we said hello to him' she said that it was fine and went in with us. I felt a bit stupid as she introduced us to him saying that we were ladies from the slimming club next door. He shook hands and asked us about slimming. We talked briefly about slimming and then asked him how he was to which he replied in a lovely way 'I'm doing fine thank you but I'm really interested in hearing more about how this diet works'  - in a ' I really don't want to talk about myself - if you don't mind' sort of way! then he asked us to sit down with him and talk about dieting - IT WAS REALLY SURREAL!!! All I could think was 'I can't imagine for one minute that you are really wanting to talk to us about dieting!!' So after we had been talking for about 4 or 5 minutes I made my excuse to leave by saying that I would leave him to finish his cup of tea. He said it was nice to meet us and stood up to open the door for us. OMG I'd completely forgotten what a tall guy he is - he must have been 6 foot 5 or 6inches!!

So I left feeling like he was a lovely guy and that I was a stupid Terry Waite squeefan girl!!!!

The first thing that came into my mind was that 'I must say to shy_nerthuserce on my journal tonight that I think I know how you felt after meeting Joe'. If this morning taught me anything, it's that I'm not cool and calm - and that when I get over-excited,  I too talk. Way, way too much!!

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