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We are having a nice autumn we've only had 2 cloudy/rainy days in the last three weeks. Its been around 51 - 57 occasionally the temperature takes a dip for an hour or so, so it can have a nip in the air but it's generally bright and sunny.

I've had a really bad headache for the last three days.

Yesterday morning I went to meet my Deaf friend for a coffee in Hillsborough but she didn't turn up so what did I decide to do when all I felt like doing was wrapping myself up in bed? Why! Go for a 4 mile walk of course!!!

I walked home from Hillsborough up through Rivelin valley to try and get some fresh air - see if it made me feel any better. Its about 1 and half miles slight incline through the valley and then very very steep (almost vertical!!) for half a mile. but as I got to the turn off to take me home I decided to carry on for another mile or so and took a later hill climb path so ended up walking a rounder walk of about 4 miles. It was a lovely day. Very quiet and not many people about. I only passed two people and a dog on the whole of the walk. One thing that struck me was that in the old natural woodlands of the UK in the autumn we don't have red. we have yellow and brown and orange and browny/orangy/red but not that bright red you see in fall photographes. Once you were back to roads and gardens with newer trees the red maple is more common.

As I was walking through Rivelin I passed what for all of my life has been a swampy marsh with water lilies growing in it. Yesterday it looked as though it had been drained and the area cleaned up and there were the foundations of one of the old water mills with the old woodern water wheel!  I suspect that it is a project that the Rivelin trust has decided to conserve.

When I eventually got home I'd had a message from my friend asking me where i was - I'd been sat in the wrong coffee shop!!

Then, still having a monster headache I decided that I really didn't want to go to bed so I got my new cuddly duvet and snuggled up on the settee for the whole of the afternoon and watched TV - an episode of Dr Quinn medicine woman, followed by gymnastics for the rest of the afternoon.

Having not taken my camera with me yesterday I took some photos this morning as I walked up to church at the top of the village.

The postbox.

People look after the bits of land by the side of the road in front of their houses.

and a 5 second clip to show how loud the birds were singing this morning!!!


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