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Is anyone watching Flashforward? We are up to episode 4 in the UK and I'm really enjoying it. I love how each episode ends with an OMG, mind scary, 'twist in the tale' moment. I do see a potential problem for further seasons though, because they have given themselves a date six months in the future it either means that the storyline has to change after they have reached that point in time or they never reach the six month point before it gets cancelled so we don't get any answers to anything! I've not found any major squee material yet, but just give me time! lol! I got a real chill at the end of the programme when Lloyd Simcoe took the call regarding the blackout from the stranger (Dominic Monaghan).

I've been a fan of Simon Pegg (redhead alert!!!!), Nick Frost and their gang of freinds for quite a few years. I watched Spaced and really really loved Hyperdrive. I've had the  'Hot Fuzz' DVD unwatched on my shelf for about a month after picking it up for 50p at a car boot sale. On Monday on Twitter the gang had just discovered Hot Fuzz slash about themselves and said that they were finding it flattering that anyone would take the time to write it and that it was really hilarious. They then proceded to write their own slash fiction between them and I was laughing my socks off! This made me decide to watch the film on Tuesday. Their Twitter slash jokes became even funnier once I'd actually seen the characters!

I very often don't watch films , I tend to watch TV series' but as I am stuffed up with a cold and feeling like I just want to wrap up on the settee, I decided yesterday after Hot Fuzz to watch another of my DVD films. This time I watched 'Phone Booth'. I had so looked forward to this one so that I could be scared psycologically. Everyone had told me how scared they had been watching it - but no! It was a good film and I could see the potential for being scary but it didn't do it for me. I think the character was too far removed from my world to worry about or for him. If it had been some really ordinary person that was being threatened it would have been different. The scene in 'Copycat' where she says the murderer likes to stay in the background and watch the police arrive and do their job is a million times more frightening! Hmmmm... give me 'Dead Calm', 'Single White Female' 'Copycat' and 'Memento' anytime!

I'm deciding now whether to watch another film today or start watching my new Heroes DVD. I think I'll save Heroes as I have seen them recently on TV and also Lost season 5 goes on sale on Monday and I haven't seen them yet as they were broadcast on Sky in the UK. I've managed (with a lot of effort!) to avoid all but two spoilers for Lost so I'm really looking forward to watching it.

Talking of Bloody Sky 1, just because they have money, they buy everything. When House first started noone wanted to know apart from little ol' Channel 5 with no money and just starting out! It's been their best earner for the last 4 years. Then Sky buys series 5 just as they bought Lost so that I can't watch that on Channel 4 either. I don't want Sky - I can't afford it! I just want them to stop hyjacking my programmes or at least rerun them eventually on Sky 3 (which I can get on Freeview).
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