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Robin Hood countryside

Had a doctors appointment yesterday morning for a check up. I've stayed with the same GP's that I've had nearly all my life.  My doc's surgery is a ten min bus ride away down at the bottom of the hill.  Being the final suburb of the city the bus service is quite frequent. So saw the Doc, met my friend at the coffee shop a few doors away and then went across the road to the pub for some dinner. I really enjoyed catching up with my friend. She had to go to work at 1pm so I went for my bus and waited ages!

Eventually the little rural bus turned up. This is a little 20ish seater bus that runs about every 2 hours and does a big loop around the villages  It passes through Loxely before climbing the hill to High Bradfield dropping down sharply into Low Bradfield then back up the other side into Dungworth climbing higher into Stannington before finally going past my house on the way back to where it started near my docs. If you have plenty of time this is a lovely bus to catch. It takes me 50 mins to get home rather than 10 but it's such a beautiful ride.

As we passed through Loxley my mind thought back to my junior school local history lessons about Robin Hood.

I told you that I can sometimes take the beauty and the history of my area for granted and I can't believe I never mentioned how close I live to this village before!.

Heres an article about the villages I passed through.



Loxley  is a small village to the north west of the city of Sheffield. Loxley has long been associated with the legends of Robin Hood (he was styled Robin of Loxley), and the Robin Hood Inn, built in 1799, was an attempt to exploit this fame and establish a spa resort at Little Matlock near Loxley. Parts of Loxley were badly damaged by the Great Sheffield Flood of 1864 Loxley's landmarks include the Cadet field and Loxley primary school. There are two pubs, the Wisewood Inn and the Admiral Rodney, and a Post Office and general store.


Bradfield  is a village in the borough of Sheffield, situated in the Peak District It is divided into two settlements, High Bradfield atop a hill and Low Bradfield in the valley of the River Loxely

Bradfield is the largest parish in England, extending from the Ladybower Reservoir on Yorkshire’s border with Derbyshire to the Sheffield suburb of Stannington.

High Bradfield possesses the Church of St. Nicholas, Bradfield a dramatic Gothic revival church and a Norman castle motte  Low Bradfield is less historic, having been largely destroyed in the Great Sheffield Flood of 1864.


Stannington  is a village of Sheffield to the west of the city centre, located on the hill between the rivers Riverlin and Loxley. This village has grown from the two settlements of Upper Gate and Nethergate. Stannington officially became part of Sheffield in 1974 under the Local government Act 1972. Previous to that it had been part of  Wortley Rural District and was on the boundary of the West Riding of Yorkshire.  The village of Stannington, which is part of the original Wortley district is marked by the "Rural District of Wortley" sign at the junction of Oldfield Road and Stannington Road; and the newer conurbations of Deer Park and Roscoe Bank primarily grew out from Malin Bridge from the 1960's onwards.


The Robin Hood Inn is my local in the summer - and in the winter too if I've got someone to walk there with as it's in the woods! It's about a 7 min walk. I just have to walk down the little lane opposite my house, across a field, over a stile and into the woods. It's a great little old stone pub.

The Robin Hood

This is High Bradfield, It's about an 7 - 8 mile walk from my house.

Also on the way home, as we passed through Dungworth, I saw my first lambs of the year. Yay!!! Some were leaping about and some were wagging their tails like mad as they were feeding. Awww!! so cute!!
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