C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

The last few days

My ankle is feeling a lot better. I think I've been lucky and got away without too much damage. I'm not limping now but it still twinges me if I make a wrong move!

I've been out to places that don't require much walking - like the bus stop to take me to choir on Thursday night and to take me to slimming on Friday morning. Steve and my Mom keep telling me that now's the time to be careful as it would be easy to just do that bit too much walking on it as it's feeling a bit better and set it off being painful again.

At choir we did a couple of new pieces (to me) from the Messiah and the Hallalujah chorus. I had downloaded the alto part after last weeks rehearsal so felt more confident this week when we sang it. The choir master is a bit mental and hates the lovely freckly choir master Gareth Malone! - Pure jealousy in my opinion!!! But he's good, very witty and very sarcastic. I feel we are on the same wavelength of humour but I sense that he's the sort of person to give sarcastic comments but not be good at receiving them.

Friday at slimming I'd lost the two pounds I put on last week from my hols so I'm still a pound and a half off losing a stone.

I watched the third Harry Potter film today and now watching the repeat of Flashforward as I fell asleep when it was on on Monday night!

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