C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


Ah well....I didn't pass the assessment.

As I went through it with the tutor he pointed out to me lots of minor mistakes. Nothing major, but enough minor ones to fail. I was laughing when he pointed out a sign I did and he asked why I'd signed it - for some unknown reason I'd said,

'before you can use the text service you must register with the 'emergency text sms service' so they know you are a deaf person and not someone messing about. Then if in the future you see an accident, you can text the police lost on 999 and the message relayer in Liverpool will pass on your message to your local police force.'

Why I signed 'lost' in the middle of the sentence I have no idea LOL!

Also I was right when I said before that I didn't ask my partner enough questions. She asked me loads of questions and I was busy answering them but I didn't get chance to ask her my first question until 2 mins 45 secs into the assessment.

I'll try again on Friday. I have booked a room and my deaf friend to sign as my partner again and another friend is bringing her video recorder.

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