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busy day

I woke up this morning with that feeling that I couldn't cope with everything I had to do today! I would have been happy to forget it all and just read.

I took a walk to the shop first thing and paid all my weekly bills then called into the Tenants Office to catch up on what's going on in the area. I suddenly had a brill idea and asked them if I could use the printer as my printer at home isn't working. I came home and in an hour did my main piece of writing for church that was really bothering me. I took it back to the office and printed it out. Then came home and wrote the smaller piece for church that I had to do. So by 12.30 I'd done the majority of things that I thought were going to take me all day to do!

After lunch I practised my signing for an hour or so and then made sweet potatoes soup which I had for my tea. I had to eat it quick to rush out for the bus to choir. Thankfully the bus was slightly late so I hadn't missed it!

I really enjoyed choir again tonight did a few pieces from the Messiah again as well as 'White Christmas' - I'm surprised to discover that it was written by Irving Berlin! As I was leaving a gentleman approached me and asked if I would be interested in being the alto in a quartet. They meet once a month to practice and perform! I said I was interested but that although I can sight sing I'm not very good at it! He's given me some pieces of music to have a look at and have a think about whether I want to join them. I feel that if I could get someone to play the alto part through for me on a piano and I recorded it I'd be able to practice the it(apparently the other three all have keyboards).

When I got home I watched the children in need concert from earlier that I had recorded. I really enjoyed it. It was organised by Gary Barlow and you could see the difference in the quality of the acts that he had asked performers who were good live. So many of these sort of shows over the past many years have been organised by the treadmill producers with their treadmill performers performing - and all sounding exactly the same.

Firstly I have to declare my ignorance about Muse but they were FANTASTIC! The song was so musically brilliant and they sounded like Queen in 1976! Can anyone tell me what the song was called?

Mika was as cute as ever! Take That had some great harmonies. Went to make a drink while Robbie Williams was on though! (I like his music but can't stand to watch him!). I'm not a big Lily Alan fan but she sounded good as did Dame Shirley Bassey, Annie Lennox and Paul McCartney.

It was a good programme.

Once I'd finished watching it I dished the rest of the soup into food bags spliting into four servings and put them in the freezer.

In the end I got everything done that I'd wanted to do.

It's now 12. 50 and I'm nearly ready for bed!

It's been a busy day!
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