C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Last couple of days.

I've been REALLY busy doing my glass painting again.

(for a past post describing what I do - http://itsjustc.livejournal.com/51530.html#cutid1)

So Yesterday and today I've been finishing the trimming part. They are all now ready for painting tomorrow. I'll then varnish them on Friday. Hopefully they will all be dry for Saturday when I've got my first craft fayre.

My three craft fayres this year have all fallen in the same week! Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th and Friday 4th. The one on Saturday is one I've done for many years. It isn't a really big earner but I enjoy it. It's at a school so I get a lot of children wanting to buy t-light candles which I sell for 5p! But the table is really cheap so I easily make my money and more.

The one on Sunday is a new one to me. It's at a well known, huge expensive Christmas fayre in a manor house in the countryside. The tables are twice as much as I will pay for a stall! I'm sharing it with a friend who sells luxury hand made chocolates. She rang me and said she wanted to do the craft fayre but couldn't afforda table and would I like to go halves with her. We are still on a cheap stall outside in a marque, in the cold, at the end of Nov when the weather man says it's going to turn frosty at the weekend!! I'll have to wrap up in my winter woolies!! I think I will either do really well and nearly sell out of stuff or I won't do well at all and not sell anything!!

Friday evening is another school I've done for a few years and it's one I do really well at. LOL! Last year I remember spending all night feeling really, really sick after having my first ever marshmellows on a stick dipped in the chocolate fountain! (they were on the next stall to me so I had to try one!) It was lurvly but I must try and resist this year.

I found somewhere online to watch Dollhouse so I've watched the first ep. and will watch more when I have time. I also watched Harry Potter Goblet of Fire late last night. I think I'm enjoying the films more as the actors get older.
Tags: craft fayres, dollhouse, glass painting

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