C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

the last few days.

I've been really really busy these last few of days.

After decorating the flat on Thursday, Friday I had my last craft fayre. It went well. I didn't take as much money as I did last year but I made more than I started with. Steve turned up and bought me a hot roast pork sandwich with stuffing, apple sauce and crackling!

yummy! I haven't had one of those for years! Later he also bought me a glass of mulled wine and a hot mince pie! What a Christmas craft Fayre feast!

I've just looked up the word 'Fayre' as my spell checker always tells me it's wrong! Apparently it's the 15th - 17th century spelling! Craft fayre advertisments and posters usually spell it this way!

On Saturday I started sorting out and putting away all my glass stuff and candles into my large storage cupboard and trying to get out my Christmas stuff - which led to me having to sort out all my storage cupboard as it had developed into a right dumping place! I ended up spending the whole day doing that! Oh I also painted one more vase. It was an order from last weeks craft fayre.

Sunday I varnished the vase and then started to clean the kitchen that was until Steve turned up and insisted I took a break. I couldn't stop so we went for a walk instead ending up at the pub in the village where we had a drink before going for an afternoon walk and getting some fresh air.

On Monday I had a doc appointment in the morning and went to my mom's for lunch. I didn't go to college in the afternoon as I hadn't really done any paperwork that I could show my teacher! Instead I came home and made a big quantity of sweet potato and chilli soup. I had a portion for my tea and it was LURVLY!!!! As the soup was simmering I delivered the vase to the womans house (To say the craft fayre was at the other side of the city it turned out she lived about 4 mins walk from my flat!!) Steve came around in the evening to do me a job but then realised he'd forgotten to bring the tools he needed! He had bought me two bunches of beautiful flowers though!

This morning I went to the Christmas General Meeting for the Tenants Association. It was a good meeting. We had quite a number of people turn up to it, plus councellors, the police, and someone from the Sheffield debt advice service. There was a buffet after and a raffle. Embarrassingly, I went and picked my own ticket out of the raffle! I won some chocolets.

I came hame and made more vast quantitys of soup, this time Leek, Potato and Fennal. Then I made up a fresh fruit salad. So for my tea it was soup and fruit salad!

This evening I went to a new house group that has just started. There are six of us in the group and two are the same as were in my old housegroup. (every three or so years our vicar has a shake up of house groups) They are all nice friendly people and I felt very comfortable with them. As always because of the area I live in, the house group is mostly older people (over 70) but I have no problem with that. They prayed for me to be enpowered within the community. I'd like that!

So now I'm home and catching up with LJ. I've been trying to download a huge file and failed the first time after being three quarters or the way through so I tried again yesterday after a day of downloading i got an internet notice that i was nearing my monthly limit! (I've never had one of them in all the years I've been on the internet!) so I cancelled the download. it's only the 8th today so I'm hoping that my internet limit isn't reached before the end of the month. I'm just going to have to be careful what I do on the internet for a few weeks!

I really must do some college work and write my Christmas cards and do my Christmas shopping and tidy up the flat... and...and...and...

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