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Eurovision song contest 2008

Here are the next three entrants in alphabetical order.

Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Semi-Final (1)

Performer: Elnur & Samir
Song title: Day After Day
Song writer(s): Zahra Badalbeyli
Song composer(s): Govher Hasanzadeh

Elnur Huseynov & Samir Javadzade won Land Of Fire 2008 and will thus be the first ever Azerbaijani Eurovision Song Contest entrants. A spectacular live show, broadcast in several countries and worldwide over the internet through Eurovision.tv's esctv, marked the kick-off of Azerbaijan's new challenge; to conquer Europe's hearts through the Eurovision Song Contest!

Flag of Belarus Belarus
Semi-Final (2)

Performer: Ruslan Alehno
Song title: Hasta La Vista
Song writer(s): Eleonora Melnik
Song composer(s): Taras Demchuk

Ruslan Alehno has been chosen to represent Belarus at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. He will sing Hasta La Vista in Belgrade.

Ruslan Alehno was born in 1981 in the Belarussian town of Bobruisk.His musical abilities were revealed in early childhood, when he started to take bayan classes. However it was not enough for the young talent, and on leaving musical school Ruslan could already play the guitar, tube, piano and drums.

Flag of Belgium Belgium
Semi-Final (1)

 Performer: Ishtar
Song title: O Julissi
Song writer(s): Michel Vangheluwe
Song composer(s): Michel Vangheluwe

Belgium’s participants in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest are a group called Ishtar named after the Babylonian goddess of love. It is an ensemble of ten, but only six members will be on stage during the performance of their Eurovision Song Contest entry: lead singer and mezzo-soprano Soetkin Baptist, composer and guitar player Michel Vangheluwe and the siblings Ann, Marleen, Els and Hans Vandaele.


Have a listen and let me know what you thought of them.

I've given my  first impression as a comment.

  • 20 May - First Semi-Final
  • 22 May - Second Semi-Final
  • 24 May - The Final
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