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Wed 16th

Woke up this morning at 7am thinking 'why did I want to wake up early this morning? I know there's a reason!'

After a few minutes I remembered that I was going Christmas pressent buying at Meadowhall shopping centre. So off I went on the epic hour journey on the bus and tram that would only have taken me 10 minutes if I'd had a car! Got there for when it opened at 9am and as usual on a Wednesday morning it was really quiet.

I managed to get the vast majority bought by 12 noon when I stopped for lunch and a coffee. I decided that I was carrying too much stuff so left and came back to Hillsborough where I did a bit more shopping. I booked an appointment to have my hair coloured and cut on Friday afternoon and then got home for about 2.30pm.

This afternoon (after falling asleep on the settee for a bit!) I did a bit of tidying and laundry.

Oh and yes this evening - I had half a glass of RED WINE and after a year and a half without any alcohol it was BLOODY LOVELY!!!!

So - No effect from the tablets and half a glass. Guess who will be drinking small amounts of wine this Christmas!!!!!!
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