C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


Yesterday Steve and I went to the garden centre to get a few fat balls, some new bird feed and a new peanut bird feeder. I don't think they really liked the seed mix I had in there. They were coming and eating it but it was very slow.

I'd been telling everyone that I'd been getting Great Tits at the feeder but at the garden centre bird station I realised that they weren't as Great tits are very large and these birds were quite small.Everyone has been asking me if they are Blue Tits! but I REALLY do know a blue tit and it isn't! so today I've been trying to identify these birds and I'm pretty sure now that they are Coal Tits.

Since Yesterday I've seen some new birds around. In the afternoon a pied wagtail landed on the front had a walk around and flow off. Today a Robin sat for a while on the wooden hand rail before going away and I actually had two Blue Tits at the feeder.

I hope they start coming more now that I've changed the food.
Tags: birds

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