C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Little things make me happy!

I'm really happy! Warm cuddly grinning sort of happy!

I had all week to do my college work. I've not felt like doing it so it's still not done! I've wanted to sit in the conservatory in the light (sometimes sunshine, sometimes snow brightness) and just relax and read!

Steve, my friend C and my mom keep asking me if I've started it and I keep having to say no.

So what have I done this week? Lots of nothing that's what! read, went for a walk in the snow, met a friend for coffee on Wednesday, went for lunch at mom's on Friday etc. etc.

So what's made me so happy? I suddenly realised that the reason I don't want to start my work is that I don't want to be stuck for hours on end on the computer in my darker north facing bedroom for a week or so. So this afternoon, I've moved my computer into my sunny living room. I can sit and work now and still look out of the living room window and see everything that's going on outside.

A starling just landed on my handrail and was eating the crushed up digestive biscuit I left there. I wouldn't have seen it if I'd have been working in the bedroom.

I like the idea of working on the computer in the living room but I won't keep it in here once I've finished the work as it takes up too much room and makes my room look small.

It's now 4pm and starting to go dark and it's snowing again!

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