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I've just moved all my desktop back into the bedroom (having only moved it a few days ago into the living room!) while Steve paints the ceiling in the living room. He's just finished and is now starting on the walls.

I like having a boyfriend who does lots of helpful things for me!

LOL!!! I keep hearing "F***!" from the living room every now and then but I've learned that most of the time they don't really mean anything. If I ask him if he's okay too much he says I'm nagging and if I don't ask him enough the "F***"'S increase! Hopefully I'm doing the right amount of asking while typing on here! ;D

I've been watching S5 of Lost these last few evenings. I've now finished and have really enjoyed it.
*Someone on  fandomsecrets  had spitefully replied to a secret by someone months ago with a spoiler about Daniels death which I saw as I went to reply to the secret. I had managed to forget about it so it was still a surprise when it actually happened.
*Charlotte's death was still a surprise to me though!
*I have to say that Jacob is quite gorgeous!

I can now read all the Lost fic from Christmas that I didn't wan't to read until I'd seen S5!
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