C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Ups and downs and ups!

On Monday afternoon I went to college and had my one to one with the tutor. He marked the three pieces I had finished and all was fine except the four examples I gave for one question which I got wrong. I asked him if I could go away and do them again but he wouldn't let me - the other tutor did before I moved to this tutor! Oh well I suppose four examples wrong out of 30 questions with each question having five to eight examples isn't too bad. I'd have preferred it to be perfect though!

On Tuesday I woke up feeling terrible! I ached all over in both my joints and my muscles! It was dark and densely foggy and an utterly miserable day. I decided to buck myself up and go for a walk with the Tuesday morning ladies. We went down towards the valley and then climbed back up into the top of the village. It was a circular walk of about 3 miles. The fog was thick so you couldn't see the view, it was dark and freezing cold. It was good to get some exercise and to have a chat with different people. When I got back I still ached, so I got my pillows and a fluffy blanket and curled up on the settee and watched Being Human and a couple of other shows I'd missed over the weekend on iplayer. I also had a nap! In the evening I went to my house group - I really didn't feel like going but I thought I would probably feel better getting out of the house and seeing people so I went. I'm glad I did as I felt much better.

Today I woke up late (9.30am) and as I hadn't heard from my friends about meeting for our Wednesday morning sign practice at the coffee shop (my fault. I couldn't find my mobile!)  I didn't go. I later found out that they did send me a message and did meet up. In the afternoon I took myself off for a walk into the countryside and called at a friend's house for a coffee on the way back. We chatted for an hour or so and then I came home. Oh I also sat and read for a couple of hours too.

So after a two day break, I will tomorrow start that fourth piece of work I need to get done for college next Monday!

I can feel I'm starting to struggle with SAD. I'm nowhere near as bad as I usually am in mid January but it's there in the background starting to bubble! I do think the house move has helped as I can now sit in the south facing conservatory whenever I need to - but then it's been dark, dark, dark and gloomy for the past four days! Roll on lighter sunnier days.
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