C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Last few days.

After the couple of hours of sun on Saturday afternoon it's been dark and cloudy again.

Didn't go to church on Sunday morning as it was a joint service held at the Methodist church. I love these joint services but don't like the new design of the Methodist church. They spent loads of money a couple of years ago refurbishing it but they put the toilets behind where the vicar stands so you have to walk past him with everyone knowing where you're going!

Steve came round early and finished painting the wall he didn't manage to paint last week. We then went food shopping and at about half 1 went out for a drive in the countryside. I packed a few sandwiches and a flask for some tea and coffee and we had a picnic in the car in the pouring rain! We later wrapped up and went for a walk through the woods by the dam but the rain got so bad we soon turned back and drove to get a coffee in a warm country cafe instead.

Monday morning I gathered my college folder into an order before going to college in the afternoon and then had a look through the topics titles to decide what to do next.

Got to see the tutor early on in the afternoon and had my last piece of work marked. All fine and dandy :D

The next three pieces all have to be from one of three subjects either 'Health', 'Education' or the Workplace. As I don't work 'Workplace' is out the window! 'Education' covers the same boring things that we have covered a million times over the last 8 years! So Health it is! There are a lot of good topics to choose from though. I have to choose two from -
Healthy living
Using Health services
Ethical issues
Health and Safety

And one from -
Health issues for Deaf people
Deaf people's experience of Health services.

I've decided do Ethical issues which has subsections such as -
The Pros and cons of private health care
Changes in attitudes to child birth, abortion, euthanasia, etc.

The tutor asked me which I wanted to do and I said 'Changes in attitudes' He asked me which issue I was going to pick, I said I didn't know! He said 'pick one now!' So I said 'err... okay.... errr.... euthanasia!' He asked me what I knew about it without research  He asked me about what it meant? what it involved? what the law is in the UK? what happens to partners when they return, do they get arrested? etc. I was surprised at how much I did know about it! He said it was a very interesting subject and not one of the ones done very often. When the rest of the class asked me what I was doing next I got lots of cheek blowing and 'Rather you than me!'

When I got home I was really mentally tired. I caught up on a few programmes from the weekend on iplayer (not watched Being Human yet!) but kept falling asleep on the settee. When I talked to Steve at about 9pm he said to go to bed! I argued that I couldn't go to bed at 9! I don't usually go till about 12 - 1am. but I knew he was right as I knew I was over tired as I had had slight dizzyness on Sunday and Monday (I'm learning now that it does get worse when I'm tired!). So last night I went to bed at 9.30pm! I went straight to sleep and apart from visiting the bathroom in the night I slept until 9.30 this morning!!!!! 12 hours!!! I must have needed it!!!

Today I got up and went walking with the Tuesday ladies and they asked me to lead the walk for the first time. They told me which side of the hill to walk on (which of the two valleys) and how far to go but the rest of the circular route was up to me! It was still too muddy to go too far on the countryside paths but we did a nice walk on the edge of the woodland.

This afternoon I've been washing clothes and doing more tidying and answering the comments from yesterdays post :D While tonight I've sat and watched Survivors while eating a box of cherries! Yum!


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