C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

My unexciting life!

I went to Choir on Thursday evening, I really enjoyed it. I'm glad I went. We learnt 'Sing to your daddy (When the boat comes in)' and 'Swing Low' and ran through 'Money Money Money' again. I'm making some new friends and having fun.

Thursday night when I got home I found a site where I could watch the new series of LOST. I watched all but 12 mins of the 2nd episode before my viewing allowance on the site ran out.

Friday I watched the last 12 mins which actually turned out to have a minute or two missed of the end of the show!! Thanks to aurilly for telling me what happened in those last few moments.

After going to slimming club I spent the rest of Friday making soup - sweet potato and chilli again, Making fruit cocktail, sugarfree jelly and I had salmon parcels (with fennel and courgette) with rice for tea.

Today I have started a new book another one of the four 4400 books I got for Christmas. Then I spent the rest of the day until a short while ago cleaning up the flat. I've washed ALL the pots from all the food preperation I did last night, and cleaned the kitchen. I then cleaned the bathroom, the hallway and the conservatory. I've also tidied the living room but not cleaned it.

It's now 10pm and Heroes is about to start so I'm going to watch it!

Also Congrats to Miss Tia on her graduation x

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