C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

being stingy and being generous

Last night at the concert a man got me really cross as he was stood at the front behind the barrier but had quite a big space in front of him where he'd put his coat on the floor. I was stood next to him and I came up to just below his shoulder so he was at least 5 foot 8. The woman stood next to me behind him had an obvious hight problem and was only about 4 foot 5. The woman asked me if i could ask the gentleman if she could stand in front of him where his coat was. His answer was not 'No 'cos my coat's there' but 'No 'cos if she stands in front of me I'll not be able to see'


Today as I was on my way home I passed my local 'Big Issue' seller on the street selling the homeless newspaper. If ever I have money and he hasn't eaten, I offer to buy him a sandwich from the shop. On the VERY rare occasions that I've actually had to say that it wasn't for myself, I've had a very negative reaction from the staff. Today the woman asked if I wanted mayo or salad cream on the sandwich and I said 'either I'm not bothered' she smiled at me oddly and asked me to choose one. I explained that it was for the big issue seller and I'm sure he'd be happy with whatever she put on the sandwich! She smiled and said she'd put a free bun in with the sandwich!!

How nice was that?



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