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DIY and sunshine.

Yesterday was Steve's day off as he's working Saturday so we went to town and bought some lino tiles for the conservatory. He spent the afternoon laying them and ran out about 8 tiles from the end!!! So I've got to go to the shop tomorrow and get some more.

This morning the sun was shining so I sat outside with my cup of coffee with my jumper on. My yard is a little suntrap and it soon got really warm so off came the jumper. Shortly after I had to go indoors and change into my no sleeved tee shirt as it was so warm!!! I just looked it up on the internet it was 6C at midday! There was a wind of -2.5C that was keeping it feeling cold if you were out and about but my yard doesn't get the wind so I was nice and toasty!!

One of my neighbours who I have only seen a few times since I moved in came past as I was outside and we got chatting (she's only a couple of years older than me). I asked her if she fancied a cuppa and we ended up sitting outside in my yard for an hour or so with cups of tea chatting.

This afternoon I decided (in my great wisdom when Steve's just laid the tiles!) to paint my conservatory as the paint work was looking a bit yellowy. I did actually manage to paint it without getting any on the new floor!!

I befuddled my brain this teatime looking at bus, train and ferry prices and timetables for Scotland this summer!!!!!

This evening I've been to choir. We've been going over a variety of songs we've already learnt plus a couple of new ones - an old gospel song and a fun sea shanty.

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