C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Evidence 4

I filmed evidence 4 on Friday it was a group discussion about assisted death/suicide. It was an interesting discussion and I really enjoyed it.

Other news - I finally filmed my next college assessment this afternoon. I  finished it on the first attempt, enjoyed the discussion and could have talked with the other two people for much much longer on the subject. My friend said  we had discussed for 16 minutes (it only needed to be 10 - 12 mins!) but it really felt short! I'm now concerned and hoping that she's not mistaken and stopped the discussion after only 6 mins!!! I had one small blip where I forgot my train of thought at the end of a sentence but J. was great as she recognised it immediately and interrupted me with a question so I answered that and just carried on as though it never happened!

Up side - I think it was a good discussion. I think good issues were brought up. I also think I asked good questions.
Down side - I think they will tell me that I signed a bit too slow. The other two didn't ask me many questions which unfortunately could fail me! I don't think I brought into the conversation any really 'up to the minute' statistics which I should have included.

Ooooowww! I'm a bit excited!

I just got a text from J. to say that my tutor is V. pleased with my evidence and to start doing my paperwork.

I'll be more convinced that I've passed when I've actually spoken to her (or him)
Tags: british sign language

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