C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


I woke up really early (for me) this morning and felt wide awake so got up about 7am.

A woman I know who runs a Craft fayre where I usually have a stall on Easter Monday and Tuesday contacted me to apologise that she hadn't been in touch as she had lost my new address. She also apologised that my usual stall had gone to someone else this year but she then asked if I would be interested in just having a stall on the Tuesday as one person could only come on Monday. I asked her how much it would cost and she said £15. The two days cost £30 but you sell much more on Monday than Tuesday. I said that I wasn't sure as I don't usually make a lot of money on Tuesday so she offered it to me for free (or for a small donation if I do well).

So Yesterday and today I've been glass painting to get enough stock together for the stall. Tomorrow I just have to varnish them and then I've got enough stuff.

This evening I went to choir. It was an experience! I found out tonight that most of the altos belong to a separate women's group who went on an outing this evening which left me and the girl my age who gives me a lift there as altos!!!!! There were 18 sopranos, 20 men and us two!!! It was my first experience within the choir where I couldn't just sing quietly and let everyone else do the work!! I had to sing loudly and with confidence. At the end of the evening a few people at the other side of the room had said we had done well as they could hear us singing our parts in the songs.

I get my college DVD back tomorrow from J. so written work starts in the afternoon.

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