C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

news about my mom.

My mom has been in hospital since Thursday evening. She's 82 and started with palpitations/fast heartbeat that wouldn't stop. She has had a couple of small does with this since Christmas but they have lasted less than an hour and then righted itself. On Thursday my brother called to see her around 8pm and she started with it while he was there. She said that while they were chatting it was taking her mind off it so she felt okay. When he left at 11pm she still had it and being on her own for the night she started to worry and notice how bad it actually was. She rang my brother back up and told him she was going to ring NHS Direct and see what they advised her to do. He said he's call back to see her. She rang and chatted to them about her symptoms and they advised she went to the A&E. They asked if could get a lift or if she needed an ambulance. My brother said he'd take her.

First thing I knew was getting a phone call at 4am on Friday morning telling me not to worry but he was just letting me know that they were at the hospital, she'd had lots of tests, they had just got her sorted and they had taken her to a ward to keep her in for a few days. Being woken up from fast asleep with that sort of news obviously meant I couldn't get back to sleep for a few hours after. (A big squirrel love thanks multred_a  for talking to me in the middle of the night and keeping me calm!). at 6am I decided that as I hadn't heard anything further I would go back to bed and try and get some sleep. I rang the hospital first thing in the morning and they said she was doing well and was comfortable.

I spent the morning at her house getting a bag of stuff together for her and then went to see her in the afternoon. She looked quite well, but tired. They had given her some tablets to get her rhythm going right again which had worked. The doctors have said that it's atrial fibrillation. She'll have to take medication and keep going for regular check ups at the hospital for a while.

I've been to visit her again today and she was looking really good. The Consultant has said she can go home tonight so my sister is going to bring her home. There's no answer on my mom's house phone so they aren't back yet.

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