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After reading a post this morning I realised that I am a bit confused.

Are people that are 'popular' in high school actually popular? Do people want to be their friends? Are they well liked or are they, as they seem to be shown over here, shallow beauty queens and handsome soccer thickheads?

I was thinking about my school days and comparing it to the two girls at my school that the boys fancied and the girls wanted to be like. They were nasty and often picked on people, but I would say that I was a far more popular person than they were - they had each other and were exclusive in their snobbery.

I did have my own small group of friends but through the different 'out of school' groups I was involved in I was friends with 1 or 2 people from LOTS of different friendship groups. That put me in good stead for being accepted by most groups as an likeable person. I was never accepted as a friend with the two girls (nor would I have wanted to have been) but because even as I youngster I confidently stood up for downtrodden and bullied people against the perpetrators I gained respect from lots of other groups and the two girls would usually listen to what I had to say too.

I was only ever once in a fight - a girl from another school who EVERYONE was scared of attacked me because I'd pulled her off one of my friends in a fight the week before! She wanted me to admit that I was scared of her, which I refused to do. It got as far as she gave me a kick in the shin when suddenly lots of big lads from my school appeared from nowhere, seperated us, threatened her and walked me home. It felt good to know that I had friends that would defend me too when I needed it!

So does 'Popular' actually mean Popular or not?

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