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I've had a really nice day. It was spoilt slightly by the anger I've still got about Monday.

In the morning I had a few friends around for pancakes. It was one of my Lent tasks. It was the girls I usually meet in the coffee shop on a Wednesday morning to practice my signing. I had to go through all the story again and one girl said that a similar thing happened to her last year and she thought why should I pay £500 to be treated like that so she didn't go back this year.

We had a fun morning. I had bought Gluten Free flour because two of the girls are coeliac. The pancakes turned out lovely and were no different in taste or texture to usual flour. Other people brought lemon, sugar, chocolate sauce, strawberries, and golden syrup. It's the first time I've ever had pancakes with strawberries! VERY NICE!

Steve called later as it was his day off (he's working this Saturday) It was a lovely spring day so we went out to Bakewell and looked around the shops. We also got a chance to look around the antique shops that are always closed when we usually go on a Sunday.

We went in a cafe for a cream tea, and then had a walk by the river.

When it got to about 4.45pm we decided we ought to set off home as it's about a 45 min drive home and it goes dark about 6.15pm. So we set off about 2 miles up the hill was the turn off to one of my favourite places Monsel Head.

This is about Monsel Dale which you overlook from Monsel Head

It was so quiet and we were the only ones there! I am used to going at the weekend in summer and it being buzzing with people and cars that it was lovely to see it so still.

Oh and another thing I have my first flower bud growing!!! YAY!! It's the first one to grow from scratch! (The winter pansies I bought as small plants) It's been unrecognisable to me so far and then this morning when it drooped it's head I realised it was a snowdrop! It's not opened yet - maybe tomorrow. Just wait and see how excited I am when it opens!!! I think I'll have a first ever flower party to celebrate!!

This was my flower yesterday before the flower hung down.

My 'garden' is growing nicely.

I took down the old climber from the trellis on Sunday and put in a new clematis.


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