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We went out for a drive on Sunday. We first of all called to the little speciality shop in the middle of nowhere to buy a selection of stuffed olives (garlic, pimento,almond and chilli) and some white Stilton with ginger cheese - YUM!!!

Then we drove over to Edale (about a 25 - 30 min drive from my flat), parked up at the railway station and started with a coffee at the newly refurbished station cafe. I think it's a lovely place but as it's built into the railway bankside it lacks any view! We then had a walk up to the village and I saw my first lambs! I manged to film a couple of clips - how cute is this lamb?

A few pictures of Edale -

We then had another coffee in the farm campsite cafe as it has a great view. The sun was shining so we sat outside.

the view -

Then we drove to the top of Mam Tor (well you can't drive to the top of it but the road goes pretty high and quite near the summit).

The view over the Vale of Edale from the top -

Tags: countryside, edale, first lambs, nature

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