C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

other news

I made a comment to the recent LJ news post stating that when it had been posted it was actually April the 2nd in the UK so it actually took me a few seconds to cotton on that it was all a joke. This morning I got a snowflake cookie from 'Frank' with a message which said 'sorry for worrying you, have a cookie, Love always. Frank x.'.

My egg from the_vulture  opened last night, I had to laugh, I did actually expect a fluffy bunny or a cutesy chick but no I got a 'cute' spambot! still... I think my 'cute' spambot is funnier than bunnies or chicks. I'll have to give him a name!  Any ideas?

My internet still has the intermittent problem. I've rung BT up again today. I must say they are very good and quick at trying to get it sorted. They started by testing the line and it was okay. Then the engineer called on Tuesday last week an thought it was bad filters. It worked for a couple of days. Then on Thursday they tested my line again and found a fault. It's worked again for a couple of days. Then tonight they tested the line and said they need to send another engineer out to look at the exchange box on the street as it showed there was a fault again.

So I keep coming and going!!!

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