C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

1st Easter without Doug.

(I've been wanting to post this since Sunday morning but my internet has only just started working again!)

On Saturday evening I was thinking about Doug who was an elderly gentleman in my church (in his late 80's or early 90's) who died of cancer just after Easter last year. He was a wonderful, kind, quiet gentleman who always silently got on with the job he did within the church - organising the rotas of all the many different jobs that other people did within the church.

He was an encourager and always had a kind word for everyone.

The reason I thought about him on Saturday evening was because on Easter Sunday morning at the very end of the Service, the vicar, instead of saying 'Go in peace to love and serve the Lord' Would say 'Hallelujah Jesus is risen' to which we would respond with 'He is risen indeed,' and then, every year without fail, quiet Doug would shout a loud 'Hallelujah' after.

Easter Sunday last year was the last service he attended and I realised on Saturday that he wasn't going to be there to shout it this year.

On Sunday morning after the vicar said his final line and we responded about 6 people shouted Hallelujah.

I spoke to his wife (who is even quieter than Doug) after the service and told her I had been thinking of Doug and his 'Hallelujah'. and she said very firmly 'I shouted it on his behalf.' I said that I had too and by the looks of it so had a few other people!

He was a really nice gentleman.

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