C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Internet is hopefully repaired.

The BT internet man called this morning, ran some tests and said that the problem was outside at the wiring box about half a mile away. So he disappeared for an hour before coming back and telling me that my phone line was in a right old mess and he'd had to change all the wiring completely.

I now have 2mb internet speed instead of 1.3mb!
The reason it's so slow is because we are miles away from a main exchange and one line is supplying the whole of the village!

I'm really tired! I was up at 6am tiding up for the council worker who also called today to update the accident alarm system this flat has.  He had to have access to the whole flat to take out old wiring. The flat had got in a really bad mess with going to and from the hospital everyday.

I'm thinking of having an early night and I'll read everyone's journals and comment tomorrow.

Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers for my mom and myself ... it's appreciated. x
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